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Would you take the suicide clot shot if you knew the Covid Mortality threat is a hoax?
Why argue about vax mandates when the threat is a hoax?

"We made a big mistake" said Dr. Bridle in alarm,
"We didn't know the spike could travel, heart and brain to harm."
When spike attaches in an artery, we find the flow,
Impaired enough to have the blood clots start around to grow.

Clots start in capillaries so you'll not yet feel the threat.
As pumping blood gets harder, watch as bigger clots you'll get.
Would you have taken clot shot if Judge Aylen had us told ,
Virus Mortality was over-hyped a hundredfold?

With capillaries clogged by clots from spikes, it may be said,
If you and kids took jab, your clots now make you Walking Dead,
Though Trudeau said the shots were safe, effective, not to fear,
He'll even pay your funeral expenses, what a dear!

FEDERAL COURT OF CANADA ACTION is my video on my http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19scjct.pdf  Statement of Claim explained in video filed in Federal Court of Canada asking for damages and to prohibit "ANY" Covid Mitigation Restrictions or exempt me from them on grounds WHO comparing the Covid 3.4% CFR not the Flu's 10% CFR but to its 0.1% IFR hyped the threat a hundredfold. A deliberate false alarm. ZERO symptomless spread of 10 million tested in Wuhan. The math can be used to challenge the hoax everywhere.

http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19docs  has pleadings filed in timeline.

http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19docs1  has all documents filed in the timeline.

http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19reps are my blog reports

http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19list  are plaintiffs in the Covid Federal Court Resistance.

COVID FALSE ALARM VIDEOS: http://SmartestMan.Ca/kotp


FAQ: http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19flyer.pdf 
About Smartest Man: http://SmartestMan.Ca/aboutjct.pdf

http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19.htm has information on all action to declare
Covid Mortality Hyped Hundredfold a False Alarm. The $2 is the Federal Court filing fee, not for me.

The Covid Mortality threat is a false alarm! Doesn't it smash the mandatory vaccine paradigm to prove the Covid Mortality Hyped Hundredfold   threat was a hoax? "I refuse the jab because the Covid mortality threat was a false alarm by comparing Covid CFR Apple to the hundredfold too small Flu IFR Orange."

I’ve launched court battles with templates many times. http://SmartestMan.Ca/pasttemplates.pdf
Twice before we've swamped the courts in protest with almost 400 self-Plaintiffs out of under 20,000 aggrieved patients! How many have been aggrieved by Covid restrictions? If 400 aggrieved plaintiffs freaked out the Crown and Registry, twice, imagine if 4,000 or 40,000 out of the millions aggrieved by Covid restrictions seek damages too? Sure, protestors can violate restrictions and get arrested or you can ask a judge in a zoom call for an exemption from these restrictions on this minor cold, even if made in a biolab. Can you think of a better way to get the message heard with no danger of criminal charges to yourself than to present proof it's a hoax to a judge with power to fix things?

http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19cins.pdf has instructions for the air travel ban challenge.
I'm hoping a New Blue candidate files first and becomes the Lead Plaintiff.
Stay tuned for updates.
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