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Covid Mortality Hyped Hundredfold

 Vaxed Walking Dead, Punished Unvaxed Walking Live

211106 Turmel: Vaxed are Walking Dead; Spikes Cause Clots
Why argue about vax mandates when the threat is a hoax?

211115 Spike Clots Clog Capillaries of Walking Dead Vaxed
Would you take the suicide clot shot if you knew the Covid Mortality threat is a hoax?

"We made a big mistake" said Dr. Bridle in alarm,
"We didn't know the spike could travel, heart and brain to harm."
When spike attaches in an artery, we find the flow,
Impaired enough to have the blood clots start around to grow.

Clots start in capillaries so you'll not yet feel the threat.
As pumping blood gets harder, watch as bigger clots you'll get.
Would you have taken clot shot if Judge Aylen had us told ,
Virus Mortality was over-hyped a hundredfold?

With capillaries clogged by clots from spikes, it may be said,
If you and kids took jab, your clots now make you Walking Dead,
Though Trudeau said the shots were safe, effective, not to fear,
He'll even pay your funeral expenses, what a dear!

Brantford-Brant 2021 Election Covid Statement
A 2-minute presentation on the Covid Mortality Hyped Hundredfold for the Brantford-Brant Chamber of Commerce debate to which I was not invited covered by Rogers TV. The Broadcast Act says stations must give an equitable share of free time to all rival candidates so Rogers gets the Chamber of Commerce to do the cheating and they just report on it. is my video on my http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19scjct.pdf  Statement of Claim explained in video filed in Federal Court of Canada asking for damages and to prohibit Covid Mitigation Restrictions or exempt me from them on grounds WHO comparing the Covid 3.4% CFR not the Flu's 10% CFR but to its 0.1% IFR hyped the threat a hundredfold. ZERO symptomless spread of 10 million tested in Wuhan. The math can be used to challenge the hoax everywhere.

http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19docs  has pleadings filed in timeline.

http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19docs1  has all documents filed in the timeline.

http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19reps are my blog reports

http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19list  are plaintiffs in the Covid Federal Court Resistance.

http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19ins.pdf  had Statement of Claim template instructions to join for a $2 filing fee.

Who is John Turmel: Math Expert in Federal Tax Court of Canada. http://SmartestMan.Ca/credits

VIDEOS: is my video on my http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19scjct.pdf  Statement of Claim

20200307 Michael Arana Nation Video Interview
Political Campaigning Legend John Turmel explains his plan to save Canada from Financial Slavery!

20200430 SmartestManSays: Delay to cancel Fauci False Alarm costs lives

20200725 COVID Apple-Orange Data Hoax YOUTUBE DELETED

20200826 Youtube Downs my Covid Data Hoax Video
Youtube informs me my video Covid Apple-Orange Data Hoax was takendown for violating their community guidelines on contradicting WHO. They wouldn't tell me what part of it was objectionable so I'm going to redo it in pieces to find out which ones will be banned. 1) Apple-Oranging the Data (search Apple-Orange) 2) Pumping up the death count Mar 24 CDC 3) Children effective immunity 4) Lockdown effectiveness 5) Mask effectiveness 6) HCQ 7) June 8 Symptomless spread "very rare" 8) I challenge untested combinations of vaccines. They will be found at http://SmartestMan.Ca/kotp videos index

20200826 Covid Death Rates Pumped Up
I go over how the death rates were pumped up to instill the fear necessary to compel lockdown. Youtube deleted my previous video where I went over this in part but wouldn't tell me what part offended their guidelines. So I'm republishing the parts to see which they take down. See me http://SmartestMan.Ca/kotp videos index.

20200826 Is Lockdown Worse than Virus?
It looks like not only was the lockdown unnecesasry with symptomless spead being "very rare" but it seems tohave not even worked. 

20200826 Are masks effective for Covid?
Looks like maskscan't stop such a tiny virus.

20200826 Child Covid Transmission
Are children almost immune from the Nursing Home Flu?

20200827 If HCQ Works, Only Dems Died:
Some stories of successful results and unsuccessful results. French HCQ test lost 1/120, Bill-Gates-funded British HCQ test lost 30/120 proving the French to be miracle workers or Brits to be overdose murderers.

20200827 Mandato Vaccines for Nursing Home Virus?
Danger of untested combinations of vaccines with mandatory vaccines on the way.

20200827 11 weeks after WHO said symptomless transmission "very rare," still "very rare?  
WHO's modelling predicted symptomless transmission for 2 weeks. On June 8, WHO admitted symptomless spread was "very rare." On June 9, WHO said to keep masking becaues they weren'tsure their models were wrong. 11 weeks later, WHO had not disproved that symptomless spread is "very rare." Symptomless spread is the reason for lockdown that's going to kill millions. Blood on their hands.


20210119 Federal Court of Canada Covid Restrictions Challenge
For prohibition of or exemption from Covid restrictions based on it being a statistical scam. http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19scjct.pdf   is the final Statement of Claim being proofed in this video.

20210202 Turmel: Join the $2 Federal Court Canada Covid Restrictions Challenge

20210214 TajProfessor Great Canadian Gambler's Crystal Bell Ball
How I've used the Standard Normal Bell Curve as a crystal ball to predict what will happen based on what happened with only sample size and mean. Examples: Biggest back-to-back Win-Loss: 130 Quintillion to one against. Covid HCQ tests show mass murder. Suppression of Big Guy's cut of Hunter BIden China loot worth 4.2%

20210222 Covid Federal Court Resistance 210222 CENSORED by Youtube. Watch it at Rumble:

20210223 Covid Federal Court Resistance 210223  CENSORED by Youtube. Watch it at Rumble:

20210224 Youtube deletes Covid Federal Court Resistance Videos

210712 Judge Aylen nixes "Fudge Mortality Rates" action http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19cnj.pdf http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19cnd.pdf

210721 Appeal Aylen Order to Strike Action http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19cnap.pdf

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