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210901 Brantford-Brant 2021 Election Covid Statement
A 2-minute presentation on the Covid Mortality Hyped Hundredfold for the Brantford-Brant Chamber of Commerce debate to which I was not invited covered by Rogers TV. The Broadcast Act says stations must give an equitable share of free time to all rival candidates so Rogers gets the Chamber of Commerce to do the cheating and they just report on it.

http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19team of 2021 anti-lockdown candidates   is my new Amazon book Covid Mortality Hyped Hundredfold on our Federal Court case against lockdown.

20210119 Federal Court of Canada Covid Restrictions Challenge
For prohibition of or exemption from Covid restrictions based
on comparing Apple to Orange to exaggerate threat a hundredfold. .
http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19scjct.pdf is the Statement of Claim
being proofed in this video and now entered as file T-130-21.

20200401 SmartestManSays: Save the planet before pandemic over.. Let's.!
20200402 SmartestManSays: Survived Corona? Have anti-bodies? Can I drink your pee?
20200403 SmartestManSays: Have Corona antibodies? Can I buy your pee?
20200404 SmartestManSays: Only way to save the planet is the Mr. Spock Upgrade
20200405 SmartestManSays: Another way to survive other than Spock Upgrade?
20200406 SmartestManSays: Kingdom of Heaven is at hand
20200407 SmartestManSays: Heavenly Easter with Viral Question?

2020 Orleans Provincial Byelection #100 Rogers TV 90 seconds, Trudeau debt poem http://SmartestMan.Ca/p20rog2.mpg

TURMEL: Candidate seeks foreign meddling in Canadian election

Why I did everything I did over my 40-year political career. The Miracle Equation!! .
turmelmiracle.jpg (33968 bytes)

The winner of duel after duel is deemed the toughest warrior on the block
even if we find out he had a gun while others did not.
The winner of the bet after bet is deemed the smartest even if you find out he
had Game Theory and the others did not. LETS Engineering Mathematics
is my claim to triple Nobel Prize-winning fame. BIGLIE of Economics too.
I can't guarantee I'm the smartest human on earth but mastering Game Theory
to find the winningest way to go makes the TajProfessor Great Canadian
hard to beat for the title!

For kids and the dumbed down:


My 1993 cartoon when I ran for Prime Minister as Leader of the
Abolitionist Party of Canada had Chretien, Campbell, et al. It still
makes the difference between a candidate with a program and
those without. Our candidates can stick their head on mine, and
opponents' heads on leaders'.

petdebt.gif (2386 bytes)
Can you point at when Pierre Trudeau shut down Bank of Canada interest-free window to
force us to borrow from the private banks at interest and taxing us to pay private banks that
new interest? That's a trillion over 40 years. And guess what? The debt for Ontario looks the same.


Bet Quebec and the other provinces too.
More like $2,000,000,000,000 in taxes for debt service, not just one for federal taxation.
That's $60 Grand in bankster accounts that should have been in your account. And it can be put back.
And it's the same debt service scam everywhere else around to the world. Central Bank Accounts for Citizens ends it.


Michael Arana Nation Video Interview
Political Campaigning Legend John Turmel explains his plan to save Canada from Financial Slavery!

Brant.One: Federal Election interview on the Mr. Spock software switch to end Poverty

CTV: John Turmel, known for losing in elections, is running for office for the 99th time Full Interview

CBC: The biggest loser: John Turmel makes his 99th try for office  Full Interview

SmartestManSays Why I'm so smart and you're so not 

POEM: 1974: Pierre Trudeau's National Debt we didn't have to owe


VIDEO #7: Smartest Man: Mr. Spock Move to 2016 World Social Forum for Central Bank Accounts
Aug 10 2016 at 400 St. Catherines St. Montreal A-1750 presentation (13:00-15:50 1-3:30p)

VIDEO #6: Smartest Man to PM Trudeau: Justin, Atone for sins of the father

VIDEO #5: Smartest Man to new P.M. Justin Trudeau on Central Bank Accounts

VIDEO #4: SmartestMan.Ca Paris debate in Brantford-Brant Recap

VIDEO #3: SmartestMan.Ca Smart Team for Bank of Canada Accounts
http://SmartestMan.Ca  Smart Team of Canadian election candidates offer interest-free Bank of Canada Accounts
for the People, not the Banks, to cut checks paying off all interest-debts to loansharks below so all future payments
go against principal and we someday get out of debt. You should vote for it too.

Smart Team of Candidates pledged to install LETS for interest-free Bank of Canada
Accounts from the Abolitionist; Alliance du Nord; Canadian Action; Christian Heritage, Forces & Democratie,
Marijuana; Marxist-Leninist; Party for Accountability; Progressive Canadian; Rhino; United parties.

VIDEO #2: SmartestMan.Ca Bank of Canada Accounts Campaign

VIDEO #1: SmartestMan.Ca for Canada P.M.
Jct: John The Engineer Turmel explains why  or is running for Prime Minister of Canada.

Candidates from 12 Parties for Bank of Canada Accounts
"AB Abolitionist; AN Alliance du Nord; CA Canadian Action; CH Christian Heritage, FD Forces & Democratie;
MJ Marijuana; ML Marxist-Leninist; PA Party for Accountability; PC Progressive Canadian; RH Rhino;
UN United and IN Independents and some Greens.

While Jeremy Corbyn is promoting Quantative Easing for the people  in the UK, interest-free central bank
loans for infrastructure, and COMER have a Federal Court action to declare not using interest-free funds
from the Bank of Canada has harmed the nation, Greece's Plan B was for a citizen digital currency. Scotland
is considering a digital Scotcoin or Scotpound. Switzerland has proposed citizen central bank acconts and
now France is talking national central bank accounts for citizens.

smart150918.jpg (35325 bytes)

The other side of the sign has SmartestMan.Ca for Pot! and
Hitzig 2003 Bad Exemption so No Offence for J.P.

turmelabol.jpg (63738 bytes)turmeldiploma.jpg (76555 bytes)

Turmel Student Vote Playlist of short videos in answer to the
questions of young students during the 2014 Ontario General Election hoping
they could explain it to their parents.

letstime.jpg (196990 bytes)turmelcsomor.jpg (26678 bytes)

An Iconoclastic Engineer, destroyer of cherished myths!

Some links:

POEM: Justin Trudeau stops climate from changing?

Vote for the Smart Team to get John The Engineer
Abolitionist Party Programs Youtube: Abolitionist Party of Canada Programs 
are the Programs of the Abolitionist Party of Canada which have not changed
in decades. Get it right first time...!

John The Engineer Turmel Video Index   for channel. 

I've looked in all the ridings for candidates in parties that had supported the
LETS timebank software in past elections: Greens, Marxist-Leninists,
Christian Heritage, Natural Law and recommended them as a Smart Team.  is my back-up anti-poverty Magic Money for the Poor!


1) My Miracle Equation cracked inflation shift B.

2) My Differential Equations cracked the code in Jesus's parables!
UN Millennium Declaration C6 

3) I engineered LETS and UNILETS
http://SmartestMan.Ca/unilets Print P2P time-notes

4) Guinness Record for a couple of tops scored.

5) 4K marijuana fight

Lots more coming.

Medpot Marijuana Court Cases (VIDEOS) 
Globe & Mail May 15 2003: Turmel Reports: I dare gamble life imprisonment   &   In the belly of the beast

I wonder if they'll let me do Community Service again? They did:

turmelaccordion2004.jpg (49127 bytes)

But the end result of my intervention:

taipei.jpg (12713 bytes)stay4k.jpg (12832 bytes)

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