Marijuana accused who got off with POLCOA or BENO

The MedPot self-defense have proven so effective that 
the Law Society of Upper Canada has ordered that I take them 
down from my web site: 

Law Society Request MedPot Defence Kits Removed  has some details of the 
4,000 charges dropped due to our appeals in 2003. Since then,

Trio's pot case nixed, TO Sun Jun 10 2004
1) Pierre Champagne
2) Bruce Ryan
3) James Wallace
4) Kevin Moore Possession charge withdrawn in Alberta in 2004
5) Johnny Dupuis. On Dec 15 2004, though Health Canada had 
rejected his doctor's application for medical use, Quebec Court 
Justice Pierre Chevalier stayed the charges in R. v. Johnny 
Dupuis after he entered his medical file and doctor's testimony 
into evidence to establish medical need and reasoned Dupuis was 
simply exempt with no reason to doubt he was not also in need 
when he was charged. Despite not establishing medical need to 
the satisfaction of Health Canada, he established medical need 
to the satisfaction of the court to simply be exempt. 
6) Ed Martin marijuana charge withdrawn
7)Sandy Kramer fifth marijuana charged withdrawn! 
Richard Johnson Cultivation 6 months probation Dec 17 2005 
8) wife charge withdrawn
9) daughter charge withdrawn
Doug Nielsens P4P plea for possession with return of property 
10) Laurie Nielsen charge withdrawn
11) Danielle Neilsen charge withdrawn
12) Derek Francisco charges dropped, medpot returned!!
13) Marc Beaudoin in Lindsay 
14) Rudy Seegobin in Ottawa
Crown staying Seegobin medpot charges to duck Krieger 
15) Randy Post in Brantford medpot charges withdrawn 
16) Joel Bollers in Oshawa 
I didn't even do a story on Joel's POLCOA prohibition win!
17) Ray T Hewitt Possession charge withdrawn Alberta in 2009
18) Ken Surgent charges withdrawn in Windsor 
And he wasn't even sick!!! 
19) Jay Moore charges withdrawn in Calgary May 2010 
20) Gerard Faux 7 pounds withdrawn 
21) Tracy Faux 2010 withdrawn 
22) Mark MacDonald 2010 stayed}
23) Louis Howard Jun 2011 withdrawn 
24) Nadine Pallister in Owen Sound charges withdrawn
25) & Wayne Pallister
26) Colleen Diaczyk withdrawn. 
27) Stephane Nadeau Possession withdrawn L'Orignal
28) Bruce McBurney charge withdrawn Newmarket  Jan 6 2012 
29) Dale Leslie's P4P MedPot Charge dropped Jan 13  
30) Debra McIntyre 1-year conditional discharge. Feb 6 2012
31) Matthew Lewis Possession 30gm stayed Feb 18 2012. 
32) Keith Woodcox 86 plant life sentence cultivation withdrawn with 
plea to possession $300 fine.
33) Voyteck P4P 6 pounds withdrawn (says he got his marijuana back)
34) Anthony Bechard P4P 10 pounds life sentence pled down to 
possession of pipe Mar 20. 
35) Chad Wilson Possession charge stayed Mar 27. "
36) Rob Glabais 3,000-plant grow gets 2 Hours nightly home arrest 
37) Sam Fragomeni gets discharge in Sudbury 
38) Paul Magee has charge stayed in B.C. 
39) Crown returning MedPot Mike Spottiswood's seized vehicle 
40) Virginia Vidal: First Hitzig 170 MedPot dismissal in Ontario 
41/42) Doug Brazier & friend Marijuana Charges withdrawn! 
43) Scott Withers P4P MedPot Charge withdrawn 
44) Mike Montoya beats medpot criminal record 
45) MedPot Mike MacDonald 3-year battle gets Absolute Discharge! 
46) B.C. Crown Stays Ken Reyklin MedPot Charges 
47) Bradley Hunt charges stayed  
50-2) Crown stays Faux(2) MacDonald(1) "overgrow" charges 
53) Judge Beaulieu acquits Ray Turmel of MedPot Over-Grow Charge 
54) 1st Smith BENO Withdrawal for James Turner 2,879-plant 9-year charges 
55) Allard BENO Quash starts Albert Preston Mtl trial today
56) Thunderclap in Quebec: Raymond Turmel Charges abandoned 
57) Crown stays Greg Magnusson 580-plant charge in Rossland BC
58) Orillia Eric Forde Quash Motion stalled for Constitutional Question 
59) St-Jerome Judge sends Noel Paquette Quash to trial judge in Orillia 
60)Paul Pennington: I used your kit. And the crown was in shock.
Came in with the birthday cake with lots of icing ( plea deal)
and my son got a conditional discharge. No record. Nothing.
All because they were scared of JCT package. Thank you John.2017 March 9
61) Niece Marie Quash stalled to Nov 11 in Gatineau 
62) Jury finds Fontana guilty, community service sentence 
63) Tony Padula files Quash Motion for June 16, Mtl, plea deal for discharge 
64) David Butler gets discharge and his exemption 
65) Guy Potier gets no criminal record medpot plea deal 
66) Adrian Stuerm's deal not to appeal medpot conviction 
67) Chris Ens Dispensary Charges withdrawn 
68) Noel Paquette files Quash in St-Jerome
69) Three Montreal Medpot Musketeers get deal, 1 plea 
70) Rene Outllet gets 90 days, appeals MedPot conviction, not sentence 
71) Noel Paquette pot charges dropped! Pleads to hydro theft
72) Ethier gets Discharge on Pot Possession but Pot-Impaired Driving suspension 
73) Tim McConnell Pot Charges withdrawn, Discharge on rifle 
74) Medpot Bob Woolsey found guilty, lenient sentence  
75) Shawn Tedder gets 60 days for 30 pounds of pot 
76) Luc Paquette appeals equipment seizure after grow charge withdrawn 
77) Judge discharges Bela Beke's fine 
78) Mathew Wyllie medpot charges withdrawn 
79-81) Dunseith/M'Larkey in Superior Court april 3 in Walkerton 
82) Gary Pallister gets year house arrest for 330 plans 
83) Doris New medpot charges to be withdrawn after Howard Popham's death 
84)Crown withdrawing Dominic Gravel production charge 
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