JCT: On Oct 23 2014, I wrote to the Ontario Elections
Parties Advisory Committee Elections Officer Greg Essensa
proposing a simple user-traceable ballot re-design to
eliminate computer vote fraud:

With the recent exposure of vote fraud in the United States,
I've given much thought on how the voter can be sure his
vote went to the right candidate despite the possibility of
secret vote-flipping software without having to change any
code! By changing the ballot!!

Preventing computer miscounting can be guaranteed in the
following way:

When I get to the poll, I pick a blank envelope with a
numbered ballot out of a barrel, randomizing that element

The ballot's ID number could be on a detachable stub for me
to take home.

Then, election evening, all the numbers are posted online so
I can check to see that my ID number matches my vote.

Should it not, I could complain about the discrepancy.
Should someone ask for proof, I could produce the carbon
copy of the ballot.

So a carbon copy ID-numbered ballot eliminates all chance of
the computer mis-counting!

Hoping you institute a sure-vote ballot, I am
Sincerely yours
John C. Turmel

JCT: Neat eh? Even if crooks have the software to flip the
vote, it can't be done without being exposed!!!

Having received no response, I asked Mr. Essensa at the next
meeting of the Advisory Board what he was going to do with
the suggestion to eliminate computer vote fraud by ballot

He said they had dismissed the idea because it gave up too
much cherished secrecy in the election process.

Nice of him to want to keep how I voted a secret from me.
Because no one but me would have the carbon copy. And only I
could choose to give up such secrecy to prove my vote wasn't
registered right. But that was Mr. Essensa's pretext to keep
the election tabulation corruptible rather than

So there it is. Ontario's Chief Elections Officer isn't
interested in a simple low-tech way to prevent computer vote
fraud because it has to be so secret that I can't find out
how I voted too. Har har har har har har.

If I'm ever elected Premier of Ontario, Mr. Essensa will
have to be fired for corruption or at best incompetence.

If you or your class mates or teacher understand how carbon-
copy serial numbered ballots would prevent computer mis-
counting, then you'll have to find it hard to believe that
Mr. Essensa could could be so obtuse by accident. He has got
a corruptible election machine and he's going to keep it
that way. Is Greg Essensa incompetent or is he corrupt?
Someday, we'll find out. Hope he's a doltish party hack
promoted beyond his talent rather than a scheming crook
trying to keep things crooked.


Still, even if Ontario doesn't use my incorruptible carbon-
copy serial-numbered ballot to ensure fidelity, anyone else
can. Like Stalin said, Who votes doesn't matter, who counts
the votes does!

Small groups could start doing it right. Small towns. I'm
sure there's no ban on serial numbers being included
anywhere. So just because the big boys are keeping it
crooked doesn't mean everyone else has to keep theirs
crooked too. Anyway anywhere worried about those doing the
counting can nullify such power to miscount with the user-
traceable ballot.

Just another example of John The Engineer coming up with the
ideal and not being happy about functionaries who don't get it.
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