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BANKING BASICS: Playlist: System blueprint, Mort-Gage=Death-Gamble, Shift B Inflation; Debt Money Good; Wikipedia wrong.
Ontario Student Vote Q&A explained for kids.
HEALTH: Marijuana kills cancer, regrows brain-cells, abolish prohibition court cases; PeePee Power with Urine Cure-All Fast Playlist.
Jello-Deficiency Syndrome: Leaky Gut, Auto Immune, Asthma, Arthritis, MS Gluten Intolerance: Harvard Medical School 1993 Test: Gelatin prevents arthritis.  
ARGENTINE SOLUTION Playlist: Argentina's small-denomination provincial bonds, time-trading trueque networks, debt paid off early, Chavez engineers SUCRE currency and will pay for expropriations with bonds, use in Russian Crash. .
LETS: Timedollars, Hours, Cell-phone minute money, Interest-free currencies, Michiana Money, Timebanks, Japan.
PEOPLE: Stephen Colbert, Ron Paul, Michael Moore, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild.
POLITICS:  President or Prime Minister of the Planet, Obama, Guelph, Haliburton, St. Paul's Mob Scene, Suit with CRTC for equitable debate time, Toronto Centre, Ottawa West-Nepean, Brantford Mayor Bus Bucks Campaign and Vote Dream Team 2011 to get John The Engineer 2011 Fukushima General Election for Prime Minister Playlist
CONSPIRACY: Muammar Gathaf Playlist; JFK Playlist; 911 Playlist;
TURMEL: Bank Poetry, Great Canadian Character, Atlas Shrugged Not, Proteus, Spartacus at Babylon, Metcalfe foreclosure, King of the Dragons Den; Csomor movie.
USURY: Poetry, Satan's Usury or God's dividend, Christ's most 7-quoted definition is for usury. 
WSF-WEF: UNILETS to WSF World Social Forum and WEF World Economic Forum.
POKER: Great Canadian Gambler to Play Holdem Poker like a bookie with Poker Power Tools by TajProfessor of Poker Systems Engineering.
ACCORDION: Amber Lea concert, Hamilton Accordion Club Concerts

INDEXED VIDEOS (reverse chronological order) Turmel Videos Index:  http://SmartestMan.Ca/kotp.htm

220516 Turmel: Putin's White Hats versus our Nazi Black Hats

220513 Vaxed Walking Dead #16: More bad numbers on Death Row

220504 Turmel: America's Nazis in Ukraine

220504 Hi-Lo blink means busted light or upcoming radar trap

220504 Turmel: Keep purchases under $4 to save 8% Ontario Sales Tax

220410 Vaxed Walking Dead #15 False Alarm becoming clear

220319 Turmel: Vaxed Walking Dead #14: Truth coming out

220231 Turmel: Plea to Ontario New Blue Party to declare Covid False Alarm

220321 America is always the black hat

220227 US is always the Baddie  

220223 Vaxed Walking Dead #13: Kamikaze Truckers

220219 Walking Dead Vaxed: #12 Last Medical Data

220209 Walking Dead Vaxed #11 Trucker Convoy and Updates

220128 Covid Mortality is False Alarm Sad for Walking Dead Vaxed

220115 Omicron Hysteria for Vaxed Walking Dead

220106 Hysteria over Weak Omicron by Vaxed Walking Dead

211229 Omicron Antibody Natural Immunity can't save Walking Dead Vaxed

211219 Walking Dead Vaxed Update Brantford Ward 1 byelection  

211212 Dr. Julie Ponesse with Father Pawlowski at Whitby "Walking Dead" meet

211202 Graphene Nano-Razor-Blades in Vaxed!

211124 Vaxed Walking Dead, Punished Unvaxed Walking Live

211115 Spike Clots Clog Capillaries of Walking Dead Vaxed
Download and save: http://SmartestMan.Ca/covid2.mp4  

211106 Turmel: Vaxed are Walking Dead; Spikes Cause Clots
Download and save: http://SmartestMan.Ca/covid.mp4  

210901 Brantford-Brant 2021 Election Covid Statement
A 2-minute presentation on the Covid Mortality Hyped Hundredfold for the Brantford-Brant Chamber of Commerce debate to which I was not invited covered by Rogers TV. The Broadcast Act says stations must give an equitable share of free time to all rival candidates so Rogers gets the Chamber of Commerce to do the cheating and they just report on it.

210626 June 26 Niagara Falls No Lockdown Rally. Maxime Bernier speech Youtube Lie Machine took it down,

210531 Resistance to Covid Apple-Orange Comparison Intro  
http://SmartestMan.Ca/c19flyer.pdf explains has discussions about our actions in Federal Court of Canada to end lockdown restrictions.

210324 Youtube downs "How Trump Wins" video quietly, no strike
Dilbert's Scott Adams in Episode 1182 said 3 times that if Trump had just done this, it would have lifted the Charlottesville Nazi target off Trumpers' backs on Nov 9, 5 days after the election. I posted the same move "Lift the Charlottesville Nazi Target off Trumpers' backs on Oct 13, before the election. Sadly, Youtube took down the video with no community strike. Quietly! Surrepticiously. If Trump had seen the video, would he have won the election as Adams says? Decide for yourself: I posted it at Rumble:

210313 Covid Federal Court Resistance Update

20210224 Youtube deletes Covid Federal Court Resistance Videos

20210223 Covid Federal Court Resistance 210223  CENSORED by Youtube. Watch it at Rumble:

20210222 Covid Federal Court Resistance 210222 CENSORED by Youtube. Watch it at Rumble:

20210215 Turmel: Slow MedPot Permit Damages Appeal Nixed is the Court of Appeal judgment on  Mozajko's Memorandum being read. Mozajko had said: I stand upon the written arguments in my Memorandum and stress the lack of Notice of Constitutional Question. Court said: Okay, we'll not deal with any of your other arguments and only dismiss the technicality.

20210214 Why social media S.230 immunity for non-foul speech?
If social media platforms have immunity from being sued if they keep foul speech off their platforms, why immunity? To allow them to make censorship mistakes.

20200214 TajProfessor Great Canadian Gambler's Crystal Bell Ball
How I've used the Standard Normal Bell Curve as a crystal ball to predict what will happen based on what happened with only sample size and mean. Examples: Biggest back-to-back Win-Loss: 130 Quintillion to one against. Covid HCQ tests show mass murder. Suppression of Big Guy's cut of Hunter BIden China loot worth 4.2%

20210212 Do not exclude XYs from XX Games but do include XX only
If the talk is about excluding trans XYs, it's a Human Rights Issue. If it's about only including XXs or under such age or weight, no rights issue. You must qualify for inclusion. But there will be a lot of angry parents of girls who will never get the chance to win a medal or a ribbon.

20210212 Clinesmith Gets Probation for Tapping Trump
Most people don't know that a FISA warrant gets the communications of not only Carter Page and everyone he contacted, 1st hop, but also everyone they contacted. If Page spoke to Ivanka, did she speak to Don Dr.? If he messaged Don Jr. or Eric, did they message Don Sr. The more people Page contacted in the campaign, the greater likelihood of netting the President.

20210212 "Not the Nazis" omission is Sword of Damocles over Dem heads
Trump said: There fine people on both sides... the statue people, not the Nazis" where MSM omitted "the statue people, not the Nazis." TajProfessor Move is play the clip  in their faces and make them apologize to the kid's mama for their smear getting the Portland Trumper ambushed. "Nazi Lives Don't Matter" and "No one mourns a dead Nazi" she watched about her son on the news.

20210202 Turmel: Join the $2 Federal Court Canada Covid Restrictions Challenge

20210119 Federal Court of Canada Covid Restrictions Challenge
For prohibition of or exemption from Covid restrictions based on it being a statistical scam. http:``SmartestMan.Ca`c19scjct.pdf is the final Statement of Claim being proofed in this video.

20210107 Interview with John Turmel, smartest man on Earth, Brother Sage  
20201202 Court Action if Youtube keeps my 911 video down for hate speech

20201116 SmartestManSays Scott Adams Sees Trump Ace Too Late, No Raise..
Scott Adams is the second person online who has seen how Trump could have cinched the election by smashing the Fine Nazi Lie of Omission. But he misplays it.

20201101 None Dare Demand Dem Apology for "Fine Nazi" Lie by Omission
Dems can ignore Trump being cheated because he's a Nazi. They didn't mourn the Nazi ambushed in Portland. None Dare Demand Dem Apology for "Fine Nazi" Lie by Omission Take the target off your backs. Play the Trump Ace. Trump buries his Ace of Not Nazis #12 in his list of 38 denunciations.

20201101 Trump: Not the Nazis
"Not the Nazis and White Nationlists" quote deleted from Trump's Charlottesville comments by those lying by its omission to say Trump called Nazis fine people.when he specifically said "not the Nazis." If it's the part the bad guys need hidden, it;s the party we must replay and replay.

20201021  Trump Ace demands apology for "Fine Nazis" Lie of Omission?
Youtube "Trump: Not the Nazis" for the 6-second clip the Dems cut out where he said "not the Nazis or White Supremacists" before accusing him of saying Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists were Fine People. No easier way to prove a lie of omission than by playing the deleted clip to their faces and demand immediate apology for being suckered or worse! No more Defence, time for Offence.

20201013 Lift the Charlottesville NAZI target off Trumpers backs CENSORED by Youtube, watch it at  Rumble
Trumpers who rebut: Go read the transcript, Trump said "Not the Nazis!" cannot demand immediate apology for the Lie by Omission of the second part. But playing the second part on tape right in their faces allows for the instant demand of apology for omitting the truth to trick the Children of the Demned into thinking Trump and followers are Fine Nazi White Supremacists. Would making Dems apologize for the Fine Nazi Lie of Omission have been the biggest factor in the election?

20200828 Dead Dems Walkin! Two Boss Trump Cards
Dems Lied by omission that Trump said fine people on both sides were Nazis/Antifa.
Dems all knew the impeachment subpoena being "obstructed was bogus.

20200828 Big Lies Behind Black Lives Matter Hoax

20200827 11 weeks after WHO said symptomless transmission "very rare," still "very rare?"
WHO's modelling predicted symptomless transmission for 2 weeks. On June 8, WHO admitted symptomless spread was "very rare." On June 9, WHO said to keep masking because they weren't sure their models were wrong. 11 weeks later, WHO has not disproved that symptomless spread is "very rare." Symptomless spread is the reason for the lockdown that's going to kill millions. Blood on their hands.

20200827 Mandatory Vaccines for Nursing Home Virus? Youtube took it down
Danger of untested combinations of vaccines Mandatory vaccines on the way.

20200827 If HCQ Works, Only Dems Died!
Some stories of successful results and unsuccessful results. French HCQ test lost 1/120, British HCQ test lost 30/120 proving the French to be miracle workers.

20200826 Are masks effective for Covid?
Looks like maskscan't stop such a tiny virus.

20200826 Is Lockdown Worse than Virus?
It looks like not only was the lockdown unnecessary fur to symptomless spreading being very rare but it seems to have not even worked.

20200826 Child Covid Transmission
Are children almost immune from the Nursing Home Flu?

20200826 Covid Death Rates Pumped Up
I go over how the death rates were pumped up to instill the fear necessary to compel lockdown. Youtube deleted my previous video where I went over this in part but wouldn't tell me what part offended their guidelines. So I'm republishing the parts to see which they take down. http://SmartestMan.Ca/kotp videos index

20200826 Youtube Downs my Covid Data Hoax Video
Youtube downed this video too
See it at Rumble:
Youtube informs me my video Covid Apple-Orange Data Hoax was taken down for violating their community guidelines on contradicting WHO. They wouldn't tell me what part of it was objectionable so I'm going to redo it in pieces to find out which ones will be banned. 1) Apple Oranging the Data (search Apple-Orange) 2) Pumping up the death count Mar 24 CDC 3) Children effective immunity 4) Lockdown effectiveness 5) Mask effectiveness 6) HCQ 7) June 8 sympomless spread very rare 8) I challenge untested combinations of vaccines. They will be found at http://SmartestMan.Ca/kotp videos index

20200729 Is Twitter Jack Dorsey Shadow-Banning "Trump Cops killed 70% less unarmed blacks in 2019!"
I have tweeted the good news by Bill Barr that cops killed 38 unarmed blacks in 2015 and only 10 in 2019 to hundreds of Trump's supporters. No one has retweeted the Good News. Do you think they were not cheered by the Good News or did the Good News not get to them?

20200729 No Fraud Ballot
Serial numbers on the ballot let you take a picture and check online that night to make sure your number voted for the right guy with proof in hand if it did not.

20200725 Cops killed 70% less unarmed blacks, not more. Black Lives Matter lied

20200725 COVID Apple-Orange Data Hoax

20200713 Black Lives Matter Lied, People Died, RICO time

20200611 TRUMP TREND: BLM Libels Cops who killed 10x less unarmed blacks than 2015!
Tucker Carlson reports 10 unarmed blacks killed in 2019. WaPo says 14.
MappingPoliceViolence.Org reported 104 unarmed blacks killed in 2015. Over 100 in 2014.
So what's the Trump Trend on cops killing unarmed blacks. Up or down? Big or Small?

20200604 Bible-Armana Coincidences or Shishak ID error?

20200401 SmartestManSays: Save the planet before pandemic over.. Let's.!
20200402 SmartestManSays: Survived Corona? Have anti-bodies? Can I drink your pee?
20200403 SmartestManSays: Have Corona antibodies? Can I buy your pee?
20200404 SmartestManSays: Only way to save the planet is the Mr. Spock Upgrade
20200405 SmartestManSays: Another way to survive other than Spock Upgrade?
20200406 SmartestManSays: Kingdom of Heaven is at hand
20200407 SmartestManSays: Heavenly Easter with Viral Question?
20200430 SmartestManSays: Delay to cancel Fauci False Alarm costs lives

20200307 Michael Arana Nation Video Interview
Political Campaigning Legend John Turmel explains his plan to save Canada from Financial Slavery!

20200221 Orleans provincial byelection Rogers TV 90 seconds, Trudeau debt poem http://SmartestMan.Ca/p20rog2.mpg

20191212 Accordion: Tango Set: La Paloma, La Cumparsita, Jealousie

20191125 Old Turmel videos to Youtube
1984 CBC "Peter's People" Lockyear about early Turmel Bank of Canada battles
1993 CHUM MuchMusic "Talk me to your Leaders" Turmel for Prime Minister interview with Randy Bachman  
1994 Toronto Million Man Marijuana March first "Ode to Laughing Grass"
1997 TVOntario Studio 2 documentary on Ottawa Municipal Election #44
2000 CHRO Judy Trinh UN C6 and election #52
2001 CBC Darrell McIntyre story on first election of new millennium pushing UNC6
2001 Montreal Million Man Marijuana March TV Nouvelles
2002 John Turmel Millennium Declaration CBC Suhana Meharchant

20191015 Turmel Highlights from only Brantford Election debate on Mr. Spock Fix
20191015 My only Brantford Election FULL debate on Mr. Spock Fix Oct 15 2019 Canadian Federation of University Women's full debate.

20191003 Brant.One Federal Election interview on Mr. Spock Fix

20190916 CTV: John Turmel, known for losing in elections, is running for office for the 99th time full interview

20190912 CBC: The biggest loser: John Turmel makes his 99th try for office

20190812 SmartestManSays Why I'm so smart and you're so not 

20190624 June 27 Vancouver Slow MedPot Permit Appeal Memoranda
On June 27 2019, Jeff Harris will appear before the Federal Court of Appeal seeking restitution of time in the period of exemption that was subtracted by back-dating the permit to the date the doctor signed rather than starting on the date of issue. TheCrown has cross-appealed Judge Brown dismising their motion to strike the claims for damages due to delay in processing their permits. I read our two Memoranda for the upcoming hearing of the appeal.

20190404 305 Federal Court MedPot Grow Permit Claims Recap
305 self-represented plaintiffs have paid the $2 filing fee for Federal Court claims for damages due to delay from short-staffed processing, of permits, renewals and amendments, and to strike the 150g carry cap for high dosers and 1-year prescription cap for permanently ill patients.

20190221 Keswick Debate in York-Simcoe federal byelection
Turmel highlights in Keswick Debate in York-Simcoe federal byelection

20190214 Bradford Debate in York Simcoe federal byelection
Turmel highlights in Bradford Debate in York Simcoe federal byelection

20190115 Alkalise 2 Realise Talk Show with Fabian Farquharson

20181201 Turmel: Leeds-Grenville federal byelection Brockville Debate
Chamber tape:
Nov 29 2018 debate in the Dec 3 2018 Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands-Rideau Lakes federal byelection race.
Turmel: Highlights of Leeds-Grenville federal byelection Brockville Debate
John Turmel highlights from the Nov 29 2018 debate in the Dec 3 2018 Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands-Rideau Lakes federal byelection race.
20181113 Leeds-Grenville byelection BOB-FM IHeartRadio Interview

20181102 Turmel Highlights: CFUW Brantford Mayoral Debate
20181003 Can. Fed. of University Women Brantford Mayoral Debate
201811011 Rogers TV debate: Turmel at: 10:35;
18:10; 26:50; 35:10; 42:50; 1:00:20; 1:08:00; 1:15:30; 1:22:50; 1:29:45; 1:50:25; 1:523:00.

20180606 Parliament Committee on Election Reform is a Hoot! The audio recording is at:
20:36:30 opening statement
20:54:00 Simms: I'm from Newfoundland.
21:02:20 Question: How many runs, how many wins?
21:03:10 Scott Reid: Ballot counterfoil receipt?
21:06:15 Question: Threshold Audit bus ticket
21:11:30 Mr. Caddy regrets missing the show
21:18:40 Party leadership? Abolitionist Party floppy

http://SmartestMan.Ca/paup18solomonevan.wma IHeartRadio Evan Solomon Show
http://SmartestMan.Ca/paup18mixradio0522.wma is an interview this morning, May 22, with Sean Kelly and Orlena Cain of The Morning Show at MIX 97 in Quinte (near Belleville) about the provinvial election. is the rigged Rogers TV debate in Brantford on May 11 which should bore you to tears.
20180630 Brantford Barter Flea Market for July 15

20180625 15,000 MedPot Patients Royally Screwed? explains the claims by over 200. instructions on filing new claim
Health Canada short-changed 15,000 grow permit holders out of time on their periods, 200 have claimed restitution, looks like they're going to get royally screwed by imaginary legislation!! Be part of the biggest rip-off in Health Canada history for $2 court filing fee.

Prose leading to the poems Ottawa Vanier Candidate
20180524 Trudeau's 1974 Debt Scam Poem
20180524 Justin Trudeau stops climate from changing! Poem

20180416 Turmel: Health Canada covers up Biggest S.56 Medpot Class Exemption 15,000 fix

20180410 CTV: Meet John Turmel, Canada's most-defeated election candidate

20171216 Turmel: WIN BIGGESTLY #IwantmyFEDaccount
On the best day of Christmas, my true FED gave to me,
Quantitative Easing; with a credit card paid interest-free.
Share & Retweet to make the Spock Fix go viral and you could change your world.

20171208 Turmel: ACMPR Grow Permit Delay Federal Court Forms
Under the MMAR, grow permits were processed in under 4 weeks. Under Justin's ACMPR, up to 30 weeks. If you have suffered such delays for permits, renewals, amendments, you can get to the top of the pile by filing a $2 Statement of Claim in Federal Court with another 20 so far.

20170605 Turmel: Calling Global Warmistas "Idiots & Clowns" gets election candidate arrested
Jct: May 30 2017 Sault Ste. Marie provincial byelection Chamber of Commerce debate where "What kind of idiot could..." and "Clowns who believe in warming" was deemed "unacceptable language."

20170405 Turmel: Clous de l'election partielle de 2017 a Ottawa Vanier
20170404 Turmel: Highlights of the 2017 Ottawa Vanier federal byelection 
20170404 Turmel: Ottawa Vanier federal byelection Unitarian Debate
20170403 Turmel: Ottawa Vanier federal byelection #91 Colonel By H.S. debate
20170329 Ottawa-Vanier MP candidate, John 'The Engineer' Turmel running as an independent 

20170228 Turmel: Breath of Fresh Air Talent Show Audition for Accordion
A 1-minute video of the fast part of Czardas.
John Turmel does accordion concerts at:
Amber Lea 1st Tuesday of the month 2pm
Riverview 2nd Tuesday of the month 2pm
Billings Court Burlington 3rd Tuesday of odd months 2pm
John Noble last Tuesday of the month 1:30.
Great Day to visit and party when Accordion Man is there.

20161225 SmartestManOnEarth.Ca Flat Earth Easy To Prove
Jct: Using Newton's inverse square distance law, it's easy to prove a flatter non-spherical Earth.

20161211Turmel: Spock to Kirk: Trump the FED
http://SmartestManOnEarth.Ca says The Don must Trump the FED before the FED trumps The Don.
SmartestManOnEarth.Ca Pussy Grabbing Third Base in Safe Sexy Seventies is my previous Trump video.

20161114SmartestManOnEarth.Ca Candidate seeking equal debate time arrested
"The Political Vandalism of John Turmel" The Ottawa Vanier Election Report on the Nov 8 French debate to which I had been invited and the Nov 10 English debate to which I had not. covers some that was bleeped out.

20161029 SmartestManOnEarth.Ca Pussy Grabbing Third Base in Sexy Seventies
US presidential election overview http://SmartestManOnEarth.Ca/score.jpg    http://SmartestManOnEarth.Ca/hillarycarpet.jpg

20160824 2016 Scarborough-Rouge River Ontario byelection debate dummies
Jct: Explaining to the dummies looking for investment how Ontario used to get interest-free loans from the Bank of Canada for infrastructure before Pierre Trudeau shut down the interest-free window. Just have to start it up again. Duh. Guess I was a little brutal.

20160804 SmartestManOnEarth.Ca Spock Move to 2016 World Social Forum for interest-free Central Bank Accounts
Jct: Aug 4 2016 Interview by Will Stos Canadian Parliamentary Review and Susanne Hynes Research and Publications Librarian Legislative Assembly of Ontario and dug out a lot of background I rarely get to explain in political speeches.

Tom J. Kennedy @ Tommy Usury-Free Kennedy
Jct: Indonesia Currency Conference see 17:00.

20160525 I Am Nature - with John Turmel
Jct: Radio interview with Brian Porter on Banking, MedPot Court actions, health tips.

20160511 Turmel: Jello-Deficiency Syndrome: Leaky Gut, Auto Immune, Arthritis, MS
Jct: Presentation on Gelatin Deficiency causing Leaky Gut leading to Auto Immune reactions and other ailments helped by plugging the intestinal permeability, rebuilding bone and cartillage. Quite the mechanical engineering discovery!

20160414 Turmel: Hamilton Accordion Club Spanish Set on Marijuana Edibles
Jct: My appearance at the April 14 Hamilton Accordion Club a few hours after having Cannabits with 200mg THC! Hope the impairment doesn't show!
Los Rancheros, Espana Cani, Granada, El Relicario, Espana

160303 Feb 24 Allard decision nixing MMPR medpot regime 
Read the decision: is the Court Appeal for 18,000 cut-off MMAR self-growers Left-Out video with their. Now the conclusion with Justice Phelan's Allard decision striking down the Bad Exemption but, of course, since no one asked, no declaration of No Offence. Until our guys ask.

160207 Whitby Oshawa Provincial byelection Seniors Debate 
Jct: Turmel highlights from the seniors' debate held in Whitby Oshawa provincial byelection.

160118 Court Appeal for 18,000 cut-off MMAR self-growers Left-Out
Jct: On Mar 21, Justice Manson grandfathered all grow-permits, expired or not, while grandfathering only those possess permits that had not yet expired so patients could not possess what they could legally grow and force them onto the MMAR higher-priced Licensed Producers to protect the viability of the commercial regime. This is the appeal for those with grow permits to be able to possess what they may grow and the decision.
Transcript of the Jan 11 2016 Federal Court of Appeal hearing by 26 Appellants seeking the expand the remedy to all.

151125 While Jeremy Corbyn is promoting Quantative Easing for the people  in the UK, interest-free central bank loans for infrastructure, and COMER have a Federal Court action to declare not using interest-free funds from the Bank of Canada has harmed the nation, Greece's Plan B was for a citizen digital currency. Scotland is considering a digital Scotcoin or Scotpound. Switzerland has proposed citizen central bank acconts and now France is talking national central bank accounts for citizens too

151114 SmartestManOnEarth.Ca to PM Trudeau: Atone for sins of the father
Jct: The reading of a letter urging P.M. Justin Trudeau be first in starting to use interest-free funds from the Bank of Canada not only for governments but for citizens too given other countries already plan to. http://SmartestManOnEarth.Ca

151103 Justice Doherty reserves on 13 Smith BENO appeals
Jct: Nov 2 2015 reserved decision from Ontario Court of Appeal Justice Doherty, who had presided over the J.P. and Hitzig decisions so relevant in our appeals. Short recap with supporters and a reading of the audio-recording transcript.

151929 SmartestManOnEarth.Ca to PM Justin Trudeau on Central Bank Accounts
Jct: Telling Justin how Pierre caused the national debt and he has to fix it as the http://SmartestManOnEarth.Ca Smart Team of candidates from 12 different Canadian political parties would have by supporting interest-free Central Bank of Canada Accounts for Citizens. An Adelard Turmel carving of Pierre atop the BoC not hearing protestors.

151018 SmartestManOnEarth.Ca Paris debate for Brantford-Brant riding
Jct: The one debate from which I was not excluded, with 20 people.

151016 SmartestManOnEarth.Ca Smart Team for Bank of Canada Accounts
http://SmartestManOnEarth.Ca Smart Team of Canadian election candidates offer interest-free Bank of Canada Accounts for the People, not the Banks, to cut checks paying off all interest-debts to loansharks below so all future payments go against principal and we someday get out of debt. You should vote for it too.

151007 SmartestManOnEarth.Ca Bank of Canada Accounts of candidates

150821: SmartestManOnEarth for Canada PM to nix pot charges in Ontario Highest Court
Jct: John "The Engineer" Turmel explains why' the http://SmartestManOnEarth.Ca or is running for Prime Minister of Canada and asking the courts to nix all marijuana charges.

150812 Turmel: Smith BENO Quash; Appeal; Appealing Allard
Jct: Talk given at Hamilton "Where Heads Meet" on Sep 12 2015 on the Smith Bad Exemption No Offence motions and to Amend exemptions in Federal Court.

150827 Simcoe North debate candidate  arrested (Rogers)
Jct: I drove to Orillia over 2 hours away to participate in the one and only all-candidates debate and got there with 1 minute to spare. I took my seat, waited until the other 7 candidates had given their statements when I was informed that because I was not with a party (I am), I could not participate in the debate. So I quietly packed up and went home. Har har har. Not a chance.

150818  Casser charges avec Smith BENO & Exemptions Amendees
Jct: Un discours presente a la resistance contre la prohibition de marijuana a Montreal let 18 aout 2015 expliquant la decision Smith at la Cour Supreme pour casser des accusations selon la theorie BENO et ceux qui n'ont pas pu amender leurs permits par la Cour Federale Civile.

150805 TVA:
English translation: Possession of Marijuana - Thousands of Possession charges dropped?!topic/

150704 The Weeding:
Jct: I got to preside over the marriage of medpot allies Chris Ens and Jes James on the Nova Scotia seashore at Chezzetcook. One of my funnest adventures. Thanks for the invite to a cherished memory.

Accordion: Sorrento Mario at Carnival of Venice for La Traviata
From the April 9 2015 South Central Ontario Accordion Club, John Turmel relates the quandary of Mario from Sorrento going to his bachelor party at the CARNIVAL IN VENICE with a ticket to the opening night premier of Verdi's LA TRAVIATA after his big hit with Rigoletto but his fiancee Marian didn't want him to go. Mario commissioned Elio Pietro Viola to compose a MARIAN WALTZ hoping that might please her but then her brother Stephano showed up with her plea for him to prove his true love and COME BACK TO SORRENTO. What will Mario do? ROLL OUT THE BARREL of FUNICULLI FUNICULLA or not.

Who was richest Pharaoh Shishak after plundering Solomon'sTemple?
Jct:This will be redone soon having missed a few important points and the top of my head in the picture. Still, it's a compelling adventure trying to figure out which pharaoh plundered King Solomon, richest king in the world, to become richest pharaoh ever? He's been misidentified until David Rohl's book "Test of Time" got it right.

150131 Highlights Sudbury provincial byelection all-candidate debate Jct: Turmel Highlights from the Sudbury provincial byelection ALL CANDIDATE debate held on Thursday Jan 29 2015 and comments about the presstitute reports.
150130 Sudbury provincial byelection ALL CANDIDATE debate
Jct: The complete Sudbury provincial byelection ALL CANDIDATE debate held on Thursday Jan 29 2015. Turmel highlights at
150124 CBC has candidate arrested for trying to join Sudbury debate
Jct: During the Sudbury provincial byelection, CBC hosted another debate from which some candidates were excluded, including me! I dont' take getting cheated very well and busted up their meeting.

141124 Mitchell & Goldsmith in UK "Great Money Creation Debate"
Jct: The best of of Austin Mitchell and Zac Goldsmith from the "Great Money Creation Debate" in the UK Parliament on the most important issue on the planet, who controls creation of our credit, private banks or government utility, the whole debate I posted with commentary at

141124 UK Parliament "Great Money Creation Debate"
Jct: A push by "Positive Money" results in the first debate in the UK Parliament in 170 years on who gets the spoils from banking, Sovereign Money from the government or New Credit Money from the private banks. Let the banks continue creating and loansharking out the chips or have the government run them and keep the profits. Seems there was no conclusion on what would be better!! So no debate on the malfunctioning machine, only on who should be the driver of that malfunctioning machine.
Unfortunately, the two greatest examples of "Sovereign" money actually used in the UK were not cited. King Henry The Great's Tally sticks of wood in 1100 and the UK Treasury "Bradburys" during WWI despite a current "Bring back the Bradbury" campaign going on. And though they mention Bitcoin and "crypto-currencies" used by criminals to hide their transactions, they forgot non-crypto LETS timebank currencies with all transactions open for inspection. Not quite the right positive spin on money.

141111 TajProf's $100 Raise Folds Prof Keating's $30K Climate Change Bet
Jct: I base my bet that the 1930s were warmer than this decade, that 1998 was warmer than now, and that the decline they used a trick to hide will continue so I can bet $100 it will be cooler every year from now on on Dr. Don Easterbrook Exposes Climate Change Hoax video at

141115 Turmel: Highlights of Durham Srs. Whitby-Oshawa byelection debate
Turmel: Durham Srs. Whitby-Oshawa byelection debate (full)
Turmel: Highlights of Rogers TV Whitby-Oshawa byelection debate
Turmel: Rogers TV Whitby-Oshawa byelection debate (full)

141109 Rogers Whitby-Oshawa Byelection Interview on Bus- Bond- DIY P2P Time-bucks
Jct: Interview at Rogers TV during the Whitby-Oshawa federal byelection on using LETS to operate community currencies.

141017 Bus Bond Bucks Highlights from New City Church Brantford Mayor Debate

141016 Highlights at CFUW Brantford Mayoral Debate
Jct: Oct 15 2014 Turmel highlights from mayoral debate at Laurier Univerisity hosted by the Canadian Federation of University Women of Brantford.
Complete debate

141010 Laurier U. Brantford Mayor Debate Turmel clips
Jct: Turmel clips from the Brantford Mayoral candidates held at Laurier University Brantford campus on Oct 8 2014. See   for the complete debate.

141001 Turmel: 2014 Brantford Mayor Bus- Bond-Bucks & DIY P2P Money Expositor Interview
Jct: Vincent Ball of the Brantford Expositor interviewing 2014 mayoral candidate John Turmel on
1) LETS Bus-Bucks to pay students to shovel the snow
2) LETS Bond-Bucks from the Argentine Solution to pay municipal employees;
3) UNILETS Timedollar community currencies set up in time-barter networks.

140922 Brantford Mayor Bus Bucks Debate Highlights
Jct: The Sep 18 2014 debate of Brantford mayoral debate highlights. The full debate is at:

140820 Print DIY P2P Timedollar Money
Timedollar Blueprints are at

140805 Make DIY P2P Better-Than-Bank MONEY with an HOUR
Jct: has instructions and templates to make your own Do-It-Yourself Person-To-Person UNILETS (United Nations International & Local Employment-Trading Software) Timedollars that are Better-Than-Bank money. In 1999, I paid for 39/40 nights in Europe with my own Timedollar IOUs for a night back in Canada. Here's how you can use Timedollars too.

140712 Phelan J. June 4 2014 Execution Order nixing meds to 275 parsed
Jct: This video parses t he June 4 2014 decision of Federal Court Justice Michael Phelan on the April 29 2014 teleconference heard in 12 Federal Courthouses across 10 provinces for 275 medical marijuana claimants seeking interim exemption for Personal Medical Use. Judge Phelan dismissed everyone’s claims stating he had seen “insufficient evidence” of their illnesses.
Epileptic Terry Parker whose Parker decision mandated a medical exemption to keep the prohibitions alive never qualified and though he had received court-exemptions 3 times before, has appealed.
Stephen Burrows who had cut his cancer by 7/8 before being cut off was told evidence of his old ATP number was insufficient, not at the hearing where he had it in his back pocket and could have shown it to the judge, but after since the judge hadn’t even looked at his file, has appealed.
Robert Roy whose ATP expired 3 days before the Manson decision so his Grow-permit was grand-fathered but not is Possess permit, has appealed that 3 days off shouldn’t mean no meds.
Ray Turmel appealed that though he has an MMAR ATP, he wants to challenge the MMAR because he’s facing 1 year mandatory minimum for growing too fast (too many plants) while under his possess limit.
Since the July 9 2014 Order amending the June 4 Order, everyone else may join them in appealing up to July 21!

140625 Trinity-Spadina Byelection Walmer Debate highlights
Jct: Just Turmel answers
Turmel VS Frontrunners NDP Joe Cressy & Liberal Adam Vaughan
Jct: NDP and Liberal candidate answers just for the boredom.
Trinity-Spadina "Walmer" Church Byelection Debate June 23
Jct: All candidates responses.
Trinity-Spadina Byelection Rogers TV Statement

2010  Bus Bucks Program Brantford Mayoral Election Playlist

Best explanation for need for marijuana juice and oil to Grade 4s by Pauper Party of Ontario leader in Provincial Election ever. Kids all get how Bus Bucks jobs are paid with rides. I hope they can teach their parents that Bond Bucks jobs are paid with HTML (Hydro, Taxes, Medical, Licences). If paying for rides is good enough to work for, isn't paying for Hydro, Taxes, Medical and Licenses good enough to work for too? And we must mass produce cannabis juice and oil to save us from our now-growing cancers from being Fuked. Bet I win the student vote. They don't count even if they die too.

Best recap of GOLD STAR story ever.  

Turmel: John The Engineer v. Dave Do-Nothing Levac; Showdown at the St-George corral
Jct: Libertarian Rob Ferguson: "People say Turmel's a pit bull, tonight Dave found out he was 10."
Liberal provincial incumbent in Brant, Dave Levac is the opponent who has stood up for me (not) the most whenever cops came to take me away from our debates so he could hog my share of time, oink oink. Four times in the last election, Dave got a piece of my pie when the cops took me away. But once really burned me, when he conned me into thinking he'd gotten the organizers to let me on the debate, brought a table, extra chair, shut me up until the cops got there. I caught up with stoolie Dave Do-Nothing Levac for a showdown in St-George. I got my turn to get him back good.
Another camera: Brant Riding Provincial Election Debate 2014

140513 Turmel: April 29 Marijuana Repeal Big Event Lead-Up
Jct: Over 200 star Plaintiffs are asking the Federal Court at the April 29 11am EDT Big Event from Toronto Federal Court videoconferenced to 11 other Federal courtrooms in all provinces for repeal of marijuana prohibition by striking "marijuana" from Controlled Substances Schedule II because the MMPR has failed to provide a workable exemption. As the Halifax Chronicle explained on Apr 17, we're using where "15 minutes to fill out documentation and a $2 online filing fee" gets you on the docket asking for an interim exemption for personal medical use too. Those medically-authorized to possess but Left-Out out of the Allard Injunction are asking for their grows back. Those Never-Ins who couldn't find a doctor, led by epileptic Terry Parker(!) are too. Those healthy who want it to prevent what it's good for before getting them want in too. April 29, the Big Event for Repeal of Prohibition once and for all.

140411Dunce Crown move for 3rd Gold Stars stay pending Allard
Jct: After we got around the other two stays so fast, they had to lift them, the Crown's Motion Record argues for a 3rd stay on the grounds that the 142 stars who were left out of the Allard remedy should wait to find out what happens to the case where they were left out and which helps them not a whit. Lots of lawying. What else from math-rejects?

140406 Allard Four with MedPot Gold Stars in Fed Crt Apr 22??
Jct: 148 Stars used my for Mar 7 Stay, Appeals, John Conroy's Mar 18 Allard Decision, Mar 31 Stay, Appeals, Stay Lifted. Allard Four urged to join Gold Stars for Apr 22 Ottawa motion.

140331 April Fool MMPR Gold Stars Hill Demo & RCMP fraud charges
On April 1, protestors will be invited to fill out some blank used by the star team to ask Federal Court for an interim exemption for personal medical use and compensation for the losses caused by Health Canada's bungled exemption regimes. Then we'll be laying fraud, perjury and genocide charges with the RCMP in Ottawa for the 150-gram undermedication by   a factor of 9 based on false surveys of use averages when the actual average was known to be 9 times their poll averages! Much happened right after the video. Stay tuned.

140302 MMPR Grow-Op Exemption Challenge & Instructions
Jct: It only costs $2 to file Statement of Claim online by PDF!!!   is the resistance rising. The Fantastic Four just filed claims in Federal Court to strike "marijuana" from Schedule II of the CDSA or for damages from having to destroy marijuana, plants and production facility. Laurence Cherniak claimed over a million for his 25K@$15/g, 560 plants @$1,000/plant and equipment losses, Sam Mellace claimed over $5 million for the investment in his New Age Clinic plus his 20K and 400 plants. More on the way. Statement of Claim and Instructions and Record of Motion for interim exemption from prohibitions until trial (with out-of-towners info) at  Torts may be added to the Statement of Claim for later filers! So it may get even better. Special Sittings are being arranged for before April Fools Day. Stay tuned on the MedPot Combat Engineer at Index of videos:

140205 420 Radio Show w/guest John Turmel Feb 5 2014
Jct: Radio interview on the impact of R. v. Godfrey's Mernagh "No Gap" constitutional challenge to the MMAR. I come in at 2:00 until 1:12:00 and then back in after news at 1:26:00

140106 Michael Mann-Made Global Warming Hockey Stick Hoaxer & 3 Prestitutes
MSNBC's Chris Hayes brown-nosed the man who came up with the "trick to hide the decline" in global temperatures, the notoriousMichael Mann who fudge-factored the Medieval Warm Period and Maunder Minimum out of his fraudulent hockey stick graph out of his hole giving me the chance to comment! Har har har.

131215 End 126-day/18week Cure-All Fast - Toronto Centre byelection report
Jct: Report to the Brantford Inventors' Club on the end of my 126-day 18-week urine fast. I had started my 19th week which explains my mis-stating it as a 19-week fast, it was 18 weeks completed, and I now eat once a day but have been  gaining weight. People must be eating more than they really need! And a quick recap of my protest causing the biggest disruption of the biggest electoral debate in recent Toronto history not making the news despite all those reporters! 

131128 Turmel: Greatest Pre-Extinction Speech in Human History
Jct: After disrupting the largest Not-All candidates' debate in recent Toronto history for half-an-hour before an angry mob at Jarvis Collegiate during the Toronto Centre 2013 federal byelection, John The Engineer warns about nuclear extinction and how only the Argentine Solution can fund maximum manpower on the clean-up before being taken into custody and removed.

131122 Engineering Anomalies in JFK
Jct: On this 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, I decided to record the ook at anomalies of the JFK assassination using rebuttal of Vincent Bugliosi's indictment of Lee Harvey Oswald as template. It seeems Harvey was a patsy and a hero!

131122 Toronto Centre "1/2-Hour Disruption" Jarvis Collegiate Debate
Toronto Star photos of Independent Candidate whom Globe & Mail reported"disrupted for half-an-hour" the Jarvis Collegiate 4-Candidate Debate hosted by John Tory who should have known better. Star didn't use the pics because Star didn't mention the half-hour protest, down their memory hole. Camera follow 3 police take candidate away while other cameras turn away from covering the arrest. Turmel Videos Index:

131120 Kevin Clark resolves "Turmel" problem at TO Ctr debate? John Tory next? 
University of Toronto Political Debate moderator split minor party candidates off from the majors and when I didn't sit behind the speakers as backdrop with the other lump-on-a-log candidates who were not speaking, he decided I no longer could participate in the Minor Party portion! I asked him he and what army were going to move Jiu Jitsu John off my chair and the meeting was cancelled because of my refusal to leave. In 1981, my only other election debate was cancelled when a moderator decided I wasn't going to be treated like his favorites and I didn't let him. Tonight's debate at Jarvis Collegiate hosted by John Tory invited me to attend to pass out literature but not participate. I said John Tory should know better.

131114 TajProfessor Fractoring Percentages to Decimals to Odds and back
Jct: A neat new way to teach people to convert from decimals to percentages or odds. It doesn't mention that 1 must be added to the fractor for small odds where it matters but there's not much difference between 500,000:1 and 499,999:1 is there? And it doesn't mention when rounding that if such a close number is a little less than a known-fractor, its associated odds are a little higher. Coming soon with other tricks in my upcoming book: TajProfessor's Poker Power Tool Kit. Turmel Videos Index:

131114 Toronto Centre Byelection Rogers TV10 Statement Edited?
Jct: In my taped statement to be aired after the four "major" candidates are favored sharing a live hour of debate, I pointed out that like a fuse, when Fukushima goes off and takes out the Japanese, their other dumps won't be cooled in 3 or 4 days and will go off too and take out Chinese workers and when they go off they'll take out India and Pakistani and Russian workers, a whole cascade of nuclear extinction with the fuse now lit and not enough money to fix it. I explain how the Argentine Solution can fix it, how I'm dealing with the fallout we're ingesting now with my 119-day Youtube "Cure-All Fast", and was told venting my anger at Rogers excluding me from the live debate with less time might be cut from my statement. (and criticizing CBC's Dragons' Den for editing my appearance to make me sound incoherent). Turmel Videos Index:
77:50 Debate for Rogers Customers:

131114 Cure-All Fast 119-days/17-weeks Before/After Results
Jct: My Nov 14 2013 report to the Brantford Inventors Club on my 17-week 119-day fast, 16 event-meals over 17 weeks, I'm not a fanatic, it's a Feast then Famine diet that has lost me 48 pounds/22Kilos since I started and improved all my vital signs!! Who'd have thought starving people get well?

131103 Justin Trudeau Liberal Ad for Toronto Centre byelection
Jct: As a candidate in my 79th Guinness Record election campaign in the Nov 25 2013 Toronto Centre Federal Byelection, this is my critique of the "Real Priorities" campaign video just released. 

131016 Cure-All Fast 91 days/13 weeks/3 months! No hunger yet!  
Jct: My 91-day Cure-All Fast report to the Burlington Inventors Club on Wednesday Oct 16 with a complete recap of the whole experiment.

131009 Cure-All Fast 84 days: How long before I feel hungry?
Jct: Report to the Brantford Inventors Club on the 84th day of my fast (admitting I feasted 11 times in 12 weeks). I refer to Herbert M. Shelton's book: "Fasting can save your life." His are water-only fasts that need medical supervision and lots of bed time for weakness while mine is a Kidney Milk-only fast that hasn't occasioned any weakness or hunger pangs in 12 weeks! And I'm not stopping until I'm hungry or weak.

1130919 Cure-All Fast 70 days: No weakness yet.
Jct: Report after 10 weeks of fasting on urine therapy.

130913 Turmel: Government's 911 Conspiracy Theory Defended
Daniel Toye gets brain slapped around defending Government's 911 Conspiracy Theory

130910 Cure-All Fast 56 days: still going strong
Jct: My Sep 10 2013 report to the Brantford Inventors Club after 56 days of fasting with no hunger pangs needing any satisfying! Wow! Down 10KG = 33LB into my 9th week.

130905 Cure-All Fast 50 days: Not hungry yet!
Jct: Following the John Armstrong's Miracle Stem Cell DNA Water Zero-Calorie Diet, I've autolyzed 30 pounds of fat and tumor cells in the past 7 weeks without feeling any hunger once! Had planned to celebrated 50 days with a Chinese buffet! Dreamed about it, twice! Then didn't feel hungry! So I didn't go. See if I can hit 8 weeks!

130826 Cure-All Fast 40 days: Jesus could too!
Jct: After 40 days of fasting, with a few weak moments, I'm convinced Jesus could have spent 40 days in the desert with no food if he also knew about urine's amazing sustaining power. "Jesus Lived in India" argues he was educated there and learned the benefits of urine therapy. So I'd have to bet he could easily pull off 40 days with no food too!

130824 G. Edward Griffin, Stefan Molyneux Fail Banking Systems Engineering
Jct: Mr. Griffin is the great writer of the Capitalist Conspiracy and Creature from Jeckyll Island exposing the global bank control over everything. His World Without Cancer was first to inform me of the benefits of vitamin B17! So it's disappointing to find he's a gold bug and I have use his errors to prove some points.

130823 Mann-Made Global Warming Hoaxer Thom Hartmann brain-slapped 
Jct: Low-tech RT commentator Thom Hartmann says he knows scientists who remain fooled by hockey stick graph. Har har har.

130823 Mann-Made Global Warming Hoaxer Thom Hartmann brain-slapped
Jct: I find it incredible that 16 years after the temperature rise broke off and just 4 years after the "trick used to hide the decline"was exposed that anyone would dare come on TV to pontificate against the doubters of the Mann-Made Global Warming hockey stick graph. Har har har har har har. Low-tech Thom Hartmann gets the brain-slapping he deserves!

130822 Cure-All Fast on urine DNA water for 35 days so far
Jct: Report on how it feels not to eat for 5 weeks and finding DNA in the Kidney Stem-Cell Milk.

130815 Cure-All Fast on urine stem-cell water for 28 days so far
Jct: Fasting liberates 70% of the immune system from dealing with food. Going into starvation mode causes autolysis, cannabilism of least useful cells. Brain, heart, lung cells get eaten last, fat and tumors get autolyzed first! But how to sustain the body while putting it in starvation mode? Urine therapy! Urine isn't a waste product, it's kidney milk with vitamins, minerals, hormones, enzymes, antiseptics, antibiotics added to sterile water; and STEM CELLS!!! John Armstrong is reputed to have fasted someone on only miracle water for 101 days. I'm at 28 and counting. 

130814 Panel Discussion:
Zak Young hosts a panel discussion with me on the Argentine Solution.

130814 CNN Dr. Sanjay Gupta better keep apologizing about medpot
Jct: Dr. Sanjay Gupta's CNN videos with Piers Morgan, Wolf Blitzer, and his Weed Special parsed for errors and disinformation.

130806 Alex Jones' Rigged Paul Revere contest winners 
Jct: My Argentine Solution and Wayne Walton's Moutain Hours Jubilee entries were suppressed.
$5,000 3rd prize: Political Earth: showing the helplessness of the sheople being sheared by the financial predators;
$10,000 2nd prize: American Drone: guilt-ridden drone executioner who finds the solution that will make a difference: tell Alex Jones!;
$100,000 1st prize: Purge: low-level FEMA functionary explaining to the future guards how the slavery system is being set up against patriots, oldsters, veterans, children, Alex Jones supporters, with the solution: get the army on our side and have a revolution or get a gun and blow away one of the guards.

130804 Loony Ludwig Von Mises Austrian School gets "F" in "Money, Banking & FED"
The Austrian School are the gold nuts of Economics, Ron Paul's dinosaur buddies.. This "yellow rock" piece of trash serves as a wonderful teaching aid in correcting it's errors, omissions, and misimplications.

130717 Professional Engineers of Ontario Debate:
A complete piece of crap engineering. An audio recording with no counter!
130724 Ottawa South-All Candidates Debate-2013-John Turmel-Paupers
Refugee Health Care; Isaiah; Potlatch; Hydro; Argentine Solution; I'll pay tax; Interest Rate Protestor, Lives depend on it; Tallies; I did LETS worldwide; Casinos OLG; mort-gage;   Save lives, not paycheck; Summations" Russians
Video length-Turmel start
7:05 Refugee Health Care Q1 Isaiah Potlatch
10:14 Hydro Argentine Solution
7:20 I'll pay tax
9:06 Interest Rate Protestor Lives depend on it.
Q3: 9:07 Tallies
7:40 I did LETS worldwide
6:35 Casinos
9:13 Like OLG; mort-gage
3:38 Save lives, not paycheck
12:42 Summations Russians

130626 Pet fish dead? Kids drink same water?
Jct: After Chernobyl, half US bird chicks didn't make it. Fukushima is worse. Notice all the fish in your ponds have probably been killed in the past 2 years. The fallout comes down in the rain and the plutonium stays on the bottom. Fish can't survive in the ponds, kids survive longer in swimming pools because they don't breathe the water like the fish. But the're getting their fair share. Given the incipient collapse of US nuclear dumps, maybe funding the fix up is worth trying.

Argentine Solution to Alex Jones Operation Paul Revere InfoWars.Com Contest  
If John The Engineer Turmel's to be the Paul Revere,
I must bring warning of a mortal danger near and clear.
Paying to decommission and bury nuclear with the Argentine Solution.

130525 "Incipient Collapse" of US Nuclear Waste Dumps   
Jct: Isa Marie France video of me explaining funding the burial of nuclear waste with the Argentine Solution or die sooner than you think. Youtube Paul Revere Argentine Solution and help make it go viral or we might end up mort.

130603 Marijuana : un activiste obtient gain de cause (Activist wins case)
Federal Court Judge Roy makes Health Canada hop-to-it to get Ray Turmel's exemption renewed before expiry.

Story at!topic/

Turmel: Argentine Solution to Alex Jones Operation Paul Revere InfoWars.Com Contest
If John The Engineer Turmel's to be the Paul Revere, I must bring warning of a mortal danger near and clear.
Paying to decommission and bury nuclear with the Argentine Solution.

13042 Google Testing Replica of Kenya’s M-PESA Mobile Banking Solution
Jct: Google looked into their own currency years ago, slow on the uptake.

130428 The "money changers" crucified Jesus for exposing their usury
TheRedPillRadio: 2:20 Turmel poetry on Jesus beating up the money-lenders for their usury.

Hour Money Jubilee: the international movement for human debt emancipation justice, unity and abundance.
: 10:18 Another video I'm proud to be part of though only my picture with support for LETS timedollars is shown. Lots of Good News.

130425 Top 6 reasons why Usury Theft.
14:00 John Turmel explaining the Mountain Hours usury-free credo!

130413 Tom Kennedy on the Gold Nugget Network
Jct: At about the 3:30 mark, Tom explains how the Gold Nugget Network Magic Money works.

130325 InflationGate Concerns Here in the U.S.
"March 24th Vonvo-hosted InflationGate discussion regarding inflation concerns here in the U.S. with world renown economist John Turmel, Michael Binder and Joseph Firestone." Okay, I'm a systems engineer who barely studied the dismal science but having run casino banks, it's not that hard to the best economist in the world if I'm the only one who figured out Shift B inflation and their myopic view sees only Shift A.

130226 Adam Kokesh: Wayne Walton Hours; Bill Still Greenbacks, Charlie Shrem Bitcoins debate
Jct: Adam Kokesh's Historic Monetary Reform Debate between Wayne Walton from Mountain Hours representing people banking their own time at labor, Bill Still for Treasury Greenbacks representing government banking their worker's time at labor, and Charlie Shrem for Bitcoin representing someone banking their computer's time at wasted effort. The problem with two debaters representing like media issued by different entities and one debater representing the great transfer mechanism of a lousy medium. Too bad Bitcoin didn't transfer Hours around.

130219 Turmel: LETS: Another Economy in 1997 UK
Jct: In 1997, Farnborough College of Technology student Robin Johannson covered the London part of my UK speaking tour with loads of details on the the rise of LETS Local Employment-Trading Systems in the UK in the 1990s, the only documentary video that I am aware of.

130126 Tom J. Kennedy @ Tommy Usuryfree Kennedy
Presentation at the 3rd Annual World Conference on Riba in Malaysia from November 26-27, 2012, and his site,

121120 The Anti-Poverty Engineer's Back-Up Gold Nugget Super Coupon

121106 Mitch Berman interview with Mike Spottiswood & John Turmel   Part 2  
Jct: Fanshaw College Confidential on The X 106.9FM with Mitchell Berman.

121101 MedPot Mike Spottiswood gets seized auto back
Jct: Today Nov 1 2012, in London Ontario, Mike Spottiswood got his seized car back. The Crown had resisted for almost 2 years then finally gave up and returned it in order to avoid his appeal. But his application to the Supreme Court will go on. Jury Trial coming up in January. So why would the Crown give up the car just before the trial?

121023 Ontario Court rules cripple can wait 5 days for wheels
Jct: On Oct 23 2012, Ontario Court Justices Doherty, Epstein and other ruled crippled-kneed Michael Spottiswood can wait 5 days to get back his wheels. Lower Court wanted to save cripple Michael Spottiswood’s knees but had “no jurisdiction" to return his seized auto for humanitarian reasons. Superior Court said “no oversight” too. Spottiswood appealed that one had to. To avoid finding out which had judicial oversight to make them give the car back, they gave the car back and now argue that giving it back means the courts had no power to make them give it back. Har har har. Canadian Justice in Wonderland. Justice Dohert's Court of Appeal agreed the appeal against no oversight was mooted by the return of the car! The courts couldn't make them return the car because they have now returned the car.

121102 Professor Yuks Barack "Gilligan" Obama & Mitt "Mr. Howell" Romney in 3rd debate
Jct: John Turmel over-jokes the 3rd Obama-Romney debate. Just to let the world know these genocidal clowns don't make it hopeless.
121017 Gilligan, Mr. Howell, the Professor in 2nd Obama-Romney debate
John "The Engineer" Turmel as "The Professor", Mitt "Silver-Spooner" Romney as "Mr. Howell," and Barack "The Shyster" Obama as "The Gilligan."
121005 On First Obama-Romney Debate in Denver
Jct: John Turmel's running commentary on answers from the low-tech lawyer and financier running for American leadership.

120909 Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb: Episode 12
Jct: My topics in the first 45 minutes.
120905 Hayley Zimak Kitchener-Waterloo byelection Rogers interview
120905 Common Front anti-poverty Kitchner-Waterloo byelection debate
Jct: Dealing with a dozen underfunding problems with the same Argentine Solution.
120903 Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb with John Turmel
Jct: Argentine Solution, inflation, monetary history in the Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario provincial byelection.

120828 Arrested candidate roasts Kitchener-Waterloo byelection majors
Jct: The Kitchener Record hosted a public debate of only the top 4 out of 10 candidates in the Kitchener-Waterloo byelection. The first part is the police protecting Canadian democracy from the excluded candidate. Why is it journalists run undemocratic debates that end up cheating the little guys? Do they learn cheating in Journalism 101? So I captured the whole debate and mercilessly roasted my opponents who stole my time. They're long, repetitive and tedious, but I got some yuks.

120801-2: Mountain Hours Wayne Walton interview on for over 2 hours. If you can listen to this and come away depressed at our predicament, then there's no cheering you up.

120707 Oshawa Marijuana March Speech
Jct: Speech Ben Fudge invited me to give at the July 7 2012 Oshawa Marijuana march and protest.

120616 Libertarian Presidential Nomination Candidate Bill Still #45
Jct: Bill Still made the Money Masters video and is running for the Libertarian Nomination for President. Even though he doesn't know about Shift B inflation, he slaps the brains of the gold bugs around good and promotes US Treasury "Lincoln" Greenbacks but won't support Dennis Kucinich's Bill to do just that because the doesn't like the composition of the Board of Cashiers of the new chips. Sad cop out.

Creditos barter clubs are half Argentine Solution
Jct: Isaac Isitan's "Money" video on the banking system crash in Argentina in 2000 provides invaluable footage of the rise of the biggest people barter network on Earth, 7,000,000 members, the Red Global de Trueque network. The video goes from suicidal despair in Turkey and Argentina and to the joy of barter in Argentina.

120508 Matt Mernagh Not Enough MedPot Doctors Court of Appeal Report
Jct: Reporting after the Crown's appeal of the Matt Mernagh decision of Justice Taliano ruling that Not Enough Doctors made a Bad Exemption and a Bad Exemption meant No Offence and stayed Mernagh's charge and struck down the possession and cultivation prohibitions.

120504 Occupy Wall St."Silver Bullet" Video Winner: Argentine Solution
Jct: Co-Winner of $1000-Prize-for-best-video-solution-to-defeat-the-NWO-debt-star contest. Also used in the 1990s Russian banking system crash, the Argentine Solution of paying workers with small-denomination government bonds or currencies they can use to pay for Power, Taxes, Medical and Licenses works and everyone can do it too.

20120502 Isaac Isitan's "L'argent" videos detail the Argentine Barter networks: en francais
I did the translation from French for the English edition.

20120420 Turmel: Ellen Brown on LETS currency
Jct: At Ellen Brown's speech in Toronto on April 3 2012, I asked her about the Argentine Solution, Dennis Kucinich's Bill 2990 to substitute Treasury currency for FED currency, and the UNILETS timebank.

20120408 Parker MedPot Magnificent Seven Memorandum to Supreme Court
Jct: The whole arguments of the Magnificent Seven from are read in.

20120401 $100 ClimateGate bet "Temperature Went Down" taken by Green Party Adriana Magnuto-Hamu
Jct: During the Toronto Danforth federal byelection, at the Applegrove debate, I bet $100 Mann-Made Global Warming is a lie and temperature went down. At the Don Mills Debate, I bet again and Green candidate and climate critic Adriana Magnutto-Hamu took my bet and tried to explain what decline they were really hiding. Either we have a live debate where the loser picks up the tab for the hall or we can have an online debate with duelling documents. Stay tuned at Index of videos at She said:
"I took your bet. I also want to point out that John is deeply mistaken about what "hide the decline meant." It's funny. People think that "hide the decline" means that there's a decline in temperature. That isn't actually what they were referring to.They were actually talking about, and I know this because I'm the climate change critic for the Green Party, what they were referring to was actually a decline in what should have been the temperatures based on the tree ring data. When temperatures were actually going up. That's what they wanted to hide. Because they'd been using tree ring data to recover, and I do think that this is a problem, I do think that it sheds some kind of problem into the science and I am looking into it. But there is a lot of strings that show that climate science is right. But the truth is that what they were looking at was that the tree ring data had been matching, correlating with the temperature for many years, but it was going down in the last 20 years as temperatures were going up. And that's what they wanted to hide. They hid it by, at that point, saying, you know what, we're going to use the real temperatures from now on because we don't trust the tree ring data. That's what they referred to. So you're wrong. And the temperatures are going up."
Turmel: You took the $100 bet, we'll have a debate.
Toronto-Danforth federal election candidates  Q&A 2012 http://youtube.cpom/watch?v=NiFXrVdwRvO

20120326 Will Justin Trudeau help Terry Parker MedPot Magnificent Seven at Supreme Court?
Jct: Some clips from the Toronto Danforth Byelection debate where I put M.P. Justin Trudeau on the spot for his father Pierre Trudeau's broken promise to legalize marijuana: "You do it." Then a letter asking if he will help the MedPot Magnificent Seven get leave to appeal to the Supreme Court the MMAR abuses they suffered.

20120317 Turmel: Argentine Solution in Don Mills Debate for Toronto-Danforth
Jct: John Turmel told Justin Trudeau to keep his father Pierre's broken promise to legalize marijuana. Harper turns off fallout detectors after Fukushima to triple baby deaths in BC. Take baking soda so uranium binds with it and not with you. TVO Steve Paiken's "Not All Candidates Debate" taints democracy; Backtax, not front-tax with Bank of Canada PayPal to get out of debt someday;  
Green Adriana Magnutto-Hamu takes my $100 bet. I say they used a "trick to hide the decline in global temperature" over the past decade and she says it wasn't the global temperature they were hiding but "what should have been the temperatures based on the tree-ring data when temperatures were actually going up." So they hid that tree-ring data showed temperatures going down because it contradicted their lie that it was going up." Har har har har har. Caught up in her own lie. She's sure she knows what they were trying to hide and I'm wrong about what they were trying to hide. And it boils down to the same thing! The whole debate can be seen at or  

20120315 TVO Steve Paikin's "Not All Candidates Debate" in Toronto-Danforth Byelection
Jct: As an Independent Abolitionist candidate in the Toronto Danforth federal byelection, I get invited to live meetings where I get to speak to a few hundred interested voters but I get excluded from televised debates where my unsportsmanlike opponents get all the time to score points. I've been excluded from the CPAC Parliamentary Channel Debate! The Rogers Debate. And finally, Steve Paikin's TVO debate. Of course, hearing from the same no-answer parties as we hear from every day is pretty boring politics but I've decided to show you TVO Steve Paikin's "Not All Candidates Debate" and include my comments too! Don't forget Steve heard the Argentine Solution back in the early 1980s while an Ottawa-based reporter who never saw the Big Picture. And his show is called The Agenda. The Agenda for the Not Big Picture! Har har har.

20120308 Why I'm so sharp and they're so dull? Marijuana grows new brain cells
Jct: From the John Turmel highlights in the Youtube video "Occupy Argentine Solution in Toronto Danforth Eastview Byelection Debate" on Mar 7 2012. Turmel Videos Index:

21120308 Turmel: Occupy Argentine Solution in Toronto Danforth Eastview Byelection Debate:
Jct: Highlights from the Mar 7 2012 Eastview Community Debate for the Toronto-Danforth federal byelection. Upcoming Fukushima cancers will need mass-produced anti-cancer marijuana, also good for Alzheimers & regrowing brain cells: "Why I'm so sharp and they're so dull." MedPot Magnificicent Seven file in Supreme Court next week; Argentine Solution, Bank of Canada PayPal, Bus Bucks, UNILETS timebanking.

CPAC "Nothing New" Report

21120302 Turmel: 76th Toronto-Danforth election Applegrove Debate
Jct: Topics: Tories turning off radiation detectors after Fukushima to cause extra baby deaths; Grow free marijuana to fight cancers; Argentine Bonds Solution, Climategate Hoax at the Mar 1 2012 Applegrove Community Debate in Toronto-Danforth Canadian Federal byelection.

20120131 Turmel: Argentine Solution is Occupy Silver Bullet for Mayan Prophecy
Jct: John Turmel submission to the $1000 contest for the contest was co-winner with
Xabier Garay who also proposed local currency too.  The Argentine Solution is the only silver bullet!

20120129 Bruce McBurney used medpot court kits to beat possession charge
Jct: Brantford Inventors' Club President Bruce McBurney was charged at a RIDE stop with possession of a dozen marijuana joints. This is his tale of resistance and victory by pure intimidation.

20120129 Mama Therese saw Occupy Mayan Prophecy Mega-Bet on Argentine Solution (1/2) (2/2)
The last thing Social Credit Matriarch Therese Turmel laughed about before quietly passing away at age 82 was the million to one odds given by William Hill Bookmakers on John Turmel's bet that the Mayan Prophecy would come true for the good before next Christmas. She always supported interest-free heaven and got a glimpse of it with the Occupy movement of the 99%. I'm sure she's watching the silver bullet Argentine Solution aimed at the heart of the Usury beast.

20111226 Turmel: Last Christmas before Occupy Kingdom of Heaven in Mayan Prophecy
Jct: Highlights from   for full exegisis: Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven was right "at hand." Some thought it meant "coming soon." I think he meant "right beside you!" "or left!!" The Kingdom of Heaven isn't coming from Hell now to Heaven soon along the time axis, it's stepping along the "problems" axis from positive feedback of usury to zero feedback. The Kingdom of Heaven is what we have right here once we get rid of interest on our debts with the Argentine Solution. The Occupy Banks movement should push the world's banks to switch from their present Hellish software to the new Heavenly UNILETS time-based software before next Christmas.

20111217  Turmel: Occupy Mayan Prophesy for Heaven by This Christmas!!
A 30-year old TV program "In Search of" the Mayan Prophecy with Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) said it was due on Dec 24 2011, Christmas Eve This Year!!! So I wondered what would have to happen that could change this hell of a mess our world is in into as Heaven of a place by this Christmas? With the world's seemingly insoluble problems plaguing humanity, could it all be fixed by Christmas 2011? Pauper Party 10th Occupy Toronto March to Bank of Canada for Argentine Solution.

20111206 Turmel: Occupy Toronto 8th March by Pauper Party Dec 3 2011
Jct: John "The Engineer" "Interest-rate Protestor" Turmel at the 8th Occupy Toronto march from St. James Park to the Bank of Canada and back asking people if they'd work for small denomination bonds usable for HTML Hydropower, Taxes, Medical, Licenses? and whether "interest-free loans at the Bank of Canada, a good idea so all debt payments go against principal and debts get paid off someday?"

20111205 Turmel: "Absolutely" M.P.P. Dave Levac to Tax Credits to Feed Poor!  
Jct: From the debate at Laurier during the last Brant provincial election where I pointed out I could now get pizzerias to send the Pauper Party $400 worth of pizzas for the soup kitchen and receive a $300 Ontario Tax Credit. "Absolutely."

20111126 Pauper Party Occupy Toronto Branch of Bank of Canada March Nov 26 2011
Jct: John Turmel at St. James Park warming up the crowd warming up the crowd with accordion for 18 minutes before the requested "rant" and first march to picket the Bank of Canada branch in Toronto whose program needs debugging to save us all with debts banked on Earth as in Heaven, interest-free!

20111116 Pauper Party Occupy Toronto on Usury-Free Day at Conspiracy Culture Nov 13
Jct: John Turmel speech to Usury Free Day for Occupy Toronto at the Conspiracy Culture bookstore in Toronto. is Index of topics with time codes.

20111112 Pauper Party meets Michael Green Occupy Toronto
Jct: Meeting Michael Green at Occupy Toronto who put the LETS Greendollar software on the 1988 Green Party of Canada program until some bankster moles removed it and more accordion: Espana Cani, Two Guitars, Hungarian Rhapsody, Dance #4, Czardas, Crocodile Rock, Relative Samba, La Cumparsita, La Paloma, El Relicario, Anniversay Waltz, CanCan.
20111107 Court reserves decision on Medpot Magnificent Seven appeals
Jct: John Turmel report on Appellants Terry Parker, Gary Pallister, Mark MacDonald, Debra McIntyre, Rob McCrady, Wayne Hearn, Sean Maloney before Justices Rosenberg, Sharpe, Juriansz on Nov 7 2011.

20111105 Turmel: Pauper Party Accordion Serenades Occupy Toronto 
Jct: Serenading the Nov 5 2011 Occupy Toronto marchers with homeless Gypsy music on my accordion. Hungarian Rhapsody 2, Dance 4&5, Two Guitars, Czardas, Espana (Hot Diggety Dog), Grenada, Crocodile Rock, Clarinet Polka, Cancan, I've Been Working on the Railroad.

20111029 Pauper Party Engineer saps Tobin Tax Economist at Occupy Toronto
Youth In Solidarity - Occupy Toronto - John Turmel Rant
Lori Connor: Interest: the "death gamble"

20111027 Turmel: Pauper Party at Occupy London
Jct: Oct 27 2011 John Turmel & Michael Spottiswood bring the Pauper Party message of the Argentine Solution paying people with small denomination government bonds rather than layoffs and how our new party can give Occupy supporters a 75% tax credit for their out-of-pocket expenses.

20111023 James Arthur Jancik radio interview from Chicago 1.5 hours
20111016 Occupy Toronto ready to work for Provincial Bonds like Argentine Solution
Jct: Oct 16 2011 Pauper Party of Ontario founder John Turmel ask protestors if they would take small-denomination provincial bonds anyone can use to pay Hydro, taxes, medical and license fees like in Argentina where they went from broke in 2001 to all foreign debt paid off in 2006. Index of videos at or soon

20111015 Turmel: Tax Credit for Occupy Toronto on "Argentine Solution"
Jct: Oct 15 2011 Pauper Party of Ontario founder John Turmel offers a 75% tax credit for restaurants donating food to the Occupy Toronto Protestors and explains the Argentine Solution where paying workers with small-denomination provincial bonds anyone can use to pay Hydro, taxes, medical and license fees allowed them to go from broke in 2001 to all foreign debt paid off in 2006. Index of videos at or soon

111010 New Economy Barter Markets in Argentina Wow!!!

20111002 Underfunded health workers react to pay with Provincial Bonds
20111002 Turmel: On TVO Ontario Leaders Debate Jct: Sure, the high-tech leader of the Pauper Party of Ontario didn't get any time but I've made time here to heckle the low-tech major party candidates more than if I'd been invited to participate. If you haven't seen the debate, it's a bore so you may as well see it with a few yuks thrown in.
20110926 Highlights of Brant election Laurier debate (tax credits explained)
20110924 Highlights from Brant Rotary Club election debate atch?v=ocJKv0zPJQk
20110915 Highlights from Brant 2011 Provincial Election Debate Highlights on Rogers
20110929 Parti Pauvre de l'Ontario Programmes
20110923 Pauper Party of Ontario Pitch  

20110711 KingoftheDragons v Dragons' Den Facta for Jul 12 appeal
Whether when you click "I accept" at every site you join lets them to criminal things to you is a big issue heard in the Turmel v. CBC (Dragons' Den) appeal at Ontario Court of Appeal at Osgoode Hall in Toronto on July 12 2011

20110705 Judge Sherwood orders Louis Howard's MedPot Destroyed

20110622 Taliano BENO decision in Mernagh stayed Youtube:
Crown says they'll patch-work a program to encourage doctors that will fulfill the Taliano requirement on not enough doctors by July 11 if they don't get a stay pending appeal. That's why I'm glad that despite losing a stay in the Parker-Hitzig precedent, they got their stay here. While it's alive, Mernagh helps our argument that no doctors should be able to opt out of either treatment okayed by Health Canada, herbal or chemical if not enough opting in makes the MMAR flawed.

20110614 Louis Howard charge withdrawn, files for pot back Jun 28   Youtube:
Louis Howard wants like Derek Francisco who got an exemption after bust to prove Hitzig 170 medical need at time of bust to get pot back, or if it's destroyed, like exemptees Gerard Faux and Mark MacDonald who had charges withdrawn and are now moving to get cash for destroyed substance. Wayne Robinson, Kathy Lewis, Mike Spottiswood from London also witnessed.

20110609 Crown withdrawing Louis Howard medpot charges Jun 14
Interview with Wayne Robinson who helped Louis Howard prepare and file his BENO (Bad Exemption = No Offence) Quash Application on Monday and witnessed the proceedings. Louis applied for MMAR exemption before but got it after being busted. On Tuesday, the Crown offered an absolute discharge for a guilty plea of mere possession but Louis held out for withdrawal or quash by judge, no guilt. On Thursday, the Crown informed Howard they will withdraw charges next Tuesday Jun 14.

20110609 DEPO "Defectueuse Exemption = Pas d'Offence" a Treating Yourself Hemp Expo 2011 at Toronto
Pourquoi il n'y  a Pas d'Offence contre la marijuana quand il y a une Defectueuse Exemption DEPO depuis Dec 3 2003. Youtube 1/2   2/2    

20110606 BENO "Bad Exemption = No Offence"  to Treating Yourself Hemp Expo 2011 Youtube:

20110603 Justice Cronk grants Sean Maloney Bail pending appeal
Montreal medical marijuana user Sean Maloney was convicted after getting his prescription signed for 18gm/day by a doctor and sentenced to 30 days on weekends in Ottawa and after spending 1 weekend jailed, his motion for release on bail pending appeal was granted for no bail.

20110602 KingofthePaupers on Dragons Den for Brantford Bucks 10% Royalty
Watch the King of the Paupers slap the brains of 5 billionnaires around the studio with "Flash the cash, bye bye trash" and the 1-minute hatchet job by editors.

20110601 For Jobs, Beat The Computer Dealing Holdem

20110511 Brantford Inventors Club Update speech 
Youtube Part 1/2 Part 2/2

20110502 Muammar Al-Gathafi's Green Book
A reading of Muammar Gathafi's 81-page Green Book with my commentary where he expounds on: Why doesn't democracy work? How direct democracy could work? Too egalitarian socialism mMeets Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged (Not)? He's one of my rare heroes in politics, not a thief in it for personal gain.
Jct: We may as well find out more about the man Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy and Harper are trying to kill to see if he really is a tyrant.
Youtube Exerpts of  Muammar Al-Gathafi's Green Book
Gathafi's Green Book #1/5: Why doesn't democracy work? Youtube   
Gathafi's Green Book #2/5: How direct democracy could work Youtube
Gathafi's Green Book #3/5: meets Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged (Not) Youtube
Jct: http://johnturmel/com/gathafi.wmv is my complete reading of Muammar Gathafi's Green Book on how he thinks the world should be fixed. He is one of the few world leaders brave enough to have put his ideas to print. These are exerpts from the solution to the problem of sharing the wealth. I, like Ayn Rand, think his socialism is unnecessarily egalitarian, but unlike Ayn Rand's hero, John The Engineer Galt, who ran away to hide out in Shangrila until the sheople overthrew the wolves, John The Engineer Turmel had nowhere to hide out and has to take on the wolves. Links to his other chapters can be found at
Gathafi's Green Book #4/5: Atlas Shrugged to too egalitarian socialism Youtube
Gathafi's Green Book #5/5: A socialist world   Youtube  
Morris' video: Gaddafi's Green Book - Western Democracy is a Dictatorship
"Compare conditions in Libya with ours: it's like the devil and the angel, and he's the angel."
20110514 Ode to Hero Gathafi
Obama, Harper, Cameron, Sarkozy if they can Will kill Gathafi's bad example, kill the honest man.
Unlike dictators West supports who steal from all with stealth. No thief is Muammar, he's loved for sharing oily wealth.
He made them own homes, cars, and tools, free-market to the test, Mixed in with public services, at socialism's best.
He built a lot of hospitals with health care given free, With schools for education, home and foreign, pay no fee.
Though Man-Made River Great he built, no tax to worry heads, No interest on loans and $50 Grand to newly-weds.
He gave up power to the People's Conferences new. Where all could speak their minds; a chance, here, only for the few.
With UN Human Righ...ts the best, what are complaints about? Paid malcontents by CIA are only ones who shout.
"Protect civilians from attack" United Nations said, A "No-fly zone" turned to bombardment making many dead.
By showing up our leaders as failures that they are, To blow his earthly heaven up is reason why they war.

110508 Election Result: No DreamTeam, No Engineer to fix money and fight nuclear cancers
110430 Is Fukushima plutonium in rain making streets slipperier?
Jct: Since H2O (water) is such a small molecule (2+8+8) 18 units, is having Fukushima's Uranium (92+146) 238 units mixed in like larger ball bearings with the regular little H2O ball bearings making the streets slipperier?
110430 Is Fukushima plutonium hitting Canada making it rain?
They seed clouds with basic particles water can form around into droplets of rain. Since there has been so much rain since the Fukushima plutonium started hitting Canada in late March, is that seeding the clouds and causing all this rain we've been having the past 2 weeks.
110429 Rick Mercer vote for Lawyer, Economist or Engineer for P.M.?
Getting all hyped up about kids voting with nothing to vote for when the uninformed should stay home.
110429 Rick Mercer says Vote. DON'T.
Rick Mercer says young people voting would change things. I explain how 3 million uninformed votes won't change a thing so they may as well stay home unless they've heard about The Engineer's Dream Team. What difference would it make for 3 million uninformed youth to vote? None. Until they get informed. Har har har. Fat chance.
110429 Weekend that shook the world
Thoughts on the last three days to make the Dream Team go viral.
110428 Radio-Canada CBLFT-TV Telejournal Ontario Entrevue
Entrevue de Claudine Brule pour expliquer que John Turmel ne conteste pas sa 75ieme election pour augmenter son record Guinness pour appuyer son Equipe de Reve
110427: Equipe de reve pour prets sans interet et marijuana gratuite   a mon equipe de reve de candidats de petits partis qui ont preconise les credits sociaux SEL et me permettront de reprogrammer la banque du Canada avec le logiciel SEL pour nous payer a produire de la marijuana gratuite pour combattre les cancers nucleaires qui vont nous opprimer.
110425: Radioactive Rain cuts average life-spans
1/2   2/2  
Chronicling the nuclear catastrophe from John Turmel's Facebook Wall at to scare Canadians into voting for The Engineer's Dream Team of political candidates who'll let me reprogram the Bank of Canada's computer to give us interest-free loans to mass produce marijuana to fight our upcoming nuclear cancers.
110419: John The Engineer's Dream Team of election candidates
Vote for this slate of election candidates and get John The Engineer to fix money and grow medpot.
110408: Take cover, Canada fallout detectors turned off or blown
Warning Canadians that it's time to "duck and cover" from the fallout how hitting Canada like the US.
110401 Butting in to Prime Ministerial Debates
110330 Dr. Oz: Next 30 days eat low-level fallout radiation protection
110330 Big Lie of low-level radiation being harmless
110329 Vote TV Parties, Deserve to Die
Part 1/2: Part 2/2:

Transfers from Google Videos
Best of Turmel in Guelph byelection
Best of Turmel in Guelph election

110204 VTV Pierre Jean Seguin report on Turner Quash Marijuana charges
101126 Accordion Gypsy Set
101126 Accordion Spanish Set

101021 CHOQ Francois Marginean: Entrevue spéciale avec John Turmel - Le système bancaire, inflation redéfinie, intérêts frauduleux et solutions immédiates

101025 New Mayor Chris Friel's son Connor will work for Bus Bucks!
101025 Speech to Martin Sitko election party
101020 Branlyn Grade 5 Kids: "We'll work for Bus Bucks"
101019 Busted at PJC for "cause disturbance" and "utter threats"
101015 Brantford Collegiate Institute & Laurier students
101014 Round-Table on Poverty Turmel clips
Whole meeting with bummer anti-poverty movie "Poor No More" with no solutions:
101014 Brantford Collegiate Institute Students:
101013 Brantford Inventors Club Speech
101009 Rogers debate Turmel clips
101008 Rogers TV pre-debate Turmel clips  
101007 Chamber of Commerce Mayoral Meeting
100929 Freedom House TV debate
The John Turmel Freedom House clips
101002 Brant News video on protest over Laurier debate format
Whole Laurier debate
John Turmel clips at Laurier debate
Brant News: Protest over debate format
Whole Laurier debate
John Turmel clips at Laurier debate
100910 Sep 10 Bus Bucks campaign at bus station

101018 Ottawa Marijuana Demonstration  

101006 Granada, Los Rancheros, El Relicario @ South-Central Ontario Accordionists Club
Sergio Scappini Concert

100721 Toronto Hemp Expo Turmel interviews:
Terry Parker
Robert Neron
Doug & Laurie Nielsen
Real Martin & Pierre Drouin
Derek Francisco
James Turner
Crocodile Rock on Accordion by Vicki Fleming

100627 G20
John Turmel at G20 (I'd bet no other protestor had a police officer step out of the line to shake hands)
Youtube 1st 15 minutes: 
Rick Maltese:
John Turmel stops to explain his views to freelance reporters at the G20. This is a favorite.
Friday's G20 Rally including John Turmel
John Turmel fills out York University Students Questionnaire
John Turmel talks to Toronto Police during G20
John Turmel at College and Yonge during G20

100209 kotp201-2 1/2 Turmel in Toronto Centre Byelection
Part 1/2:
Part 2/2
100208 kotp200 2009-2010 Update on political-legal combat engineering
100130 abo1001 Streaming Video of the complete all-candidates debate at Regent Park in the Toronto Centre byelection.

090927 kotp199 Reply to CRTC on why debates need all candidates
090927 kotp198 CRTC case why debates don't need all candidates
090914 kotp197 St. Paul's mob scene online news reports
090914 kotp196 St. Paul's mob scene news reports
090913 my001 St. Paul's Town Crier Fracas debate highlights
090914 kotp195 St. Paul's mob scene from byelection debate
090910 kotp193-4 "Guards can't find inmate Turner" case to Supreme Court
090910 kotp192 70th election contested has equal time problems
090905 kotp191 Michael Moore's Banking Systems Engineering Thesis?

090904 kotp189-90 CRTC letting media exclude candidates to Supreme Court
090901 kotp1868 CBC Dragon's Den torched by King of the Dragons
090818 kotp185 Bernard Lietaer on B2B business-to-business currencies
090818 kotp184 Money without banks: lessons from Ireland
090818 kotp183 Collin Llewellyn: America's money story
090818 kotp182 Why Govts borrow at interest when could make it interest-free?
090818 kotp181 Xavier Hermes: LETS barter
090818 kotp180 Chris Cook: Banking on Energy
090818 kotp179 Kaua'i Kash & Madison Hours LETS
090815 kotp178 James Turner won't be railroaded by Court of Appeal
090815 kotp177 Guernsey Experiment with Interest-free currency
090724 kotp175-6 #1/2 Bientot chacun creera sa proper monnaie   
090724 kotp174 Chavez will pay for expropriations with bonds!!
090723 kotp173 Phoenix Bux Phux Up
090723 kotp172 A Proposal to add a LETS to Madison Hours
090723 kotp171 When in doubt, create your own money
090723 kotp169-70 1/2 Alternative Currencies: Is Small the new Big? Stowe Boyd
090723 kotp168 Argentina: Hope in Hard Times video
090723 kotp167 Interest-free Palma currency in Fortaleza Brazil
090722 kotp166 Japan: Millennium City & Yamatsuri's Trading Stamp currency
090722 kotp165 Japan has highest use of interest-free currency on earth
090721 kotp164 Barry Grey: Tehran and Tegucigalpa: A tale of two capitals
090720 kotp163 Michael Joseph engineers cellphone minute money in Africa
090720 kotp162 U.K. mulls Post Office People's Piggy Bank
090713 ktop159-61 1/3 California lawmakers to make IOUs legal tender!!!
090707 kotp156-8 1/3 Judge Lalonde won't prohibit James Turner's marijuana charges
Pt2/3  http:/
090627 kotp152-5 1/4 Ellen Brown to Girlie-man Governor Musclehead
090624 kotp151 Timebanks USA Conference 2009
090623 kotp149-50 1/2 Court treats Martin and Turner appeals differently
090623 kotp147-8 1/2 Reply to CRTC on excluding candidates democratically
090612 kotp144-6 1/3 Parker Reply to Crown's attempted defence to Sfetkopoulos
Part 2/3
Part 3/3
090507 kotp142-3 1/2 CRTC lets Fuhrer Philp deny equal time
Part 2/2
090505 kotp140-1 1/2 Michiana Money suffering rare criticisms
090505 kotp138-9 Crown's Sfetkopoulos Memoranda to Judge Tulloch  
090503 kotp136-7 Alan Young & CanWest distort Sfetkopoulos medpot win
090502 kotp133-5 Sfetkopoulos Marijuana Ace at Supreme Court of Canada
090430 ssof Stop Spending Our Future contest on Government Spending
090426 kotp132 Interest-free currencies in recent media
090425 kotp131 CanWest misrepresents Sfetkopoulos medpot victory
090412 kotp130 Jesus' most 7-quoted definition is for usury!!! Jesus' differential equation for interest on money, usury is cited 7 times: Matthew 13:12, 25:29; Luke 19:26, 8:18; Marc 4:25; Thomas 95; Apocalypse of Peter (VII,3) 83:27
090329 kotp127-9 3-Years Probation for medpot Parliament Hill bust over
090329 kotp126 Health Canada jumps for medpot exemptee Kathy Lewis
090310 kotp125 Guinness Record 68th election loss to loser John Tory
090302 kotp123-4 1/1  Turmel at John Tory byelection debate  
Part 2/2
090227 kotp122 Chickenshit John Tory lets police take Turmel off debate
090226 kotp121 1st Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock byelection debate
090226 kotp120 69th Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock byelection contested
090222 kotp119 Ron Paul on Bill Maher offers liquidation as solution
090221 kotp118 Obama picket by 69th election candidate
090219 kotp116-7 Judge Tulloch reserves on Parker medpot return
Part 2/2
090214 KRFP 1/2 Radio interview on marijuana prohibition and banking
Part 2/2
090205 kotp115 Satan's Usury or God's Dividend on Time
090205 kotp114 Girlie-man Governor loses to Macho-man Governor
090204 kotp113 Bloomberg on Davos Delegates in Denial
090204 kotp112 Funny Money Cure for Depression? Toronto Star
090201 kotp110-1 2/2 Davos uncensors 4 Turmel answers after forum closes Part 1/2
Part 2/2

090131 kotp108-9 Hugo Chavez Engineers Sweet Sucre Trueque Part 1/2   Part 2/2
090131 kotp107 Davos censors 4 Turmel answers
090130 kotp105-6 Seeds of despair as homelessness surges Part 1/2   Part 2/2
090129 kotp104 Obama rating Question
090129 kotp103 Davos Ethics Question
090129 kotp102 Davos Environment Question
090129 kotp101 Davos Economy Question
090128 kotp100 Forgive Sir Evelyn de Rothschild calling on poor to pay?

090127 kotp099 John The Engineer to Davos WEF & Belem WSF for UNILETS
090127 kotp098 Nehemiah Move on Usury
090126 kotp097 Michael Moore short on what to do
090126 kotp095-6 France SEL (LETS) de Paname Webzine Daniel Delarasse
090126 kotp094 LETS Community Currencies
090125 kotp092-3 Arnold "Financial Girlie-Man" Schwarzenegger?
Part 2/2
090124 kotp091 To "print money" is "nuclear option"

090124 kotp089-90 Arin Farrington: 1/2 When the money isn't flowing: Invent your own currency
Part 2/2
090123 Re: Kalinda Stevenson: How banks create money out of thin air
090123 Re: Peter & Joe: How banks create money
090123 kotp088 Ron Paul: Printing Money Only Prolongs The Pain
090123 kotp087 Wikipedia wrongly says banks lend out savings
090123 kotp086 Usury: Simon Barrow at
090122 kotp085 Matthew Slater's DRUPAL LETS Marketplace
090122 kotp083-4 Help to get UNILETS on WSF-WEF agenda? Part 1/2  
Part 2/2
090119 kotp082 Stephen Colbert volunteers work for no pay
090119 kotp081 Protest-Instruction vs. Protest-Obstruction
090118 kotp080 UNILETS at Davos World Economic Forum?
090118 kotp079 UNILETS to 2005/6 World Social Forums
090118 kotp078 UNILETS to Davos WEF & Belem WSF  
090117 kotp077 Stephen Colbert duped by Niall Ferguson on piggy banking
090116 kotp076 1995 Internet Kook of the Month
090104 kotp073-5 PeePee Power for Poor People Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
090104 ktop071-2 Great Canadian Character Anthology Part 1
Part 2

090103 kotp068-70 Watchitsuh Hussle,   Part 1  http:///
Part 2/3
Part 3/3
090101 kotp066-7 El Paso nuns use Timedollars to down child mortality
Part #2/2
090101 kotp065 Parliament Hill bust holds back marijuana bill
081231 kotp064 POLCOA defence to marijuana charges
081231 kotp063 Marijuana regrows brain cells for Alzheimer's
081231 kotp062 Marijuana kills cancer
081225 kotp061 UNILETS Timebank in U.N. Millennium Declaration
081221 kotp060 Bank a Genocide House?

081221 kotp059 Bank a Gaming House?
081221 kotp058 Metcalfe to Charles, Diana, Supreme Court
081221 kotp057 Mrs. Metcalfe Abuses Bank
081219 kotp056 Metcalfe foreclosure Jesus defence continues
081219 kotp055 Jean Metcalfe Foreclosure Fight to Supreme Court
081219 kotp054 Bank Fighter Extraordinaire in foreclosure fight
081215 kotp053 Time Magazine cites LETS, not UNILETS timebank
081215 kotp052  Fuhrer Philp Federal Court "banned button" hearing
081211 kotp051 Spartacus at Babylon to U.N. Kofi Annan
081210 kotp050 Proteus on the cause

081201 kotp048-9 Atlas Shrugged Not to Ayn Rand
John The Engineer Galt, Atlas shrugging to hide out until the sheep overthrow the wolves. John The Enginner Turmel has nowhere to hide and had to take on the wolves. Banking on Earth as it is in Heaven.
081206 kotp047 Alex Cockburn on Yunus micro-loansharking
081206 kotp046 Nobel Yunus micro-loanshark Grameen  bank
081205 kotp045 Robert Zimmerer Toeslist report
081201 kotp044 Advanced bank math
081129 kotp043 Argentina pays off debt 2 years early; Chavez sees
kotp040-42 Argentina's Economic Rally #1
Part #2
Part #3
kotp038-9 Keith Hart: Argentina tale of 2 currencies  Part #1
Part: #2
kotp037 "Nobel" Stiglitz on Argentina
kotp035-6 Heloisa Primavery Argentina Report #1
Part #2
kotp034 Social Currency in Argentina 2004
kotp032-3 ISCA Argentina problem video Part #1
Part #2
kotp031 Argentina debt cancellation
kotp030 Reuters: Ford, GM take Argentina farmers' grain bucks

kotp026-9 Report Argentina Surge   
kotp025 Argentina Leeds U. 2001 Report
kotp024 Argentines barter to weather recession
kotp023 Argentina back-tax better
kotp021-2 Argentina provincial bond currency
kotp020 Social Credit; Hitler; Argentina

kotp019 Challenger engineers; Treasury solution
kotp018 Actions political & legal (Metcalfe anti-foreclosure)
kotp017 Usury Laplace Transform; Nickel; Chimps
kotp016 Oath Banking Systems Engineer
081112 kotp015 How Christ fought banks
kotp014 Parables of the Talents-Minas
kotp013 Christ on usury
kotp012 Old Testament usury
kotp011 Christ's Golden Mules

081112 kotp010 Debt Money Good
kotp009 How Argentina beat the bankers
kotp008 Federal Reserve Poem

usel00 INEWS3 Turmel for U.S. President TV report
081106 usel11 Obama-McCain-Turmel Saddleback debate  Pt2/9   Pt3/9   Pt4/9    Pt5/9   Pt6/9   Pt7/9   Pt8//9   Pt9/9

081103 kotp07 Abolitionist Party of Canada Programs
081102 kotp06 "Fixing polls" - Yes Prime Minister
081102 kotp05 Loyal Engineer's 1997 Petition to Her Majesty

081031 kotp04 Shift B Inflation from Turmel's Miracle Equation exposes Big Lie of Economics
081029 kotp03 How banks use money plates
081027 kotp02 How banks create money
081027 kotp01 Prime Minister of
the Planet Quadruple Elections Campaign (Bill Gates: Richest Pauper's Prayer to Richest Man

Best of Turmel in Guelph election
081012 Best of Turmel in Guelph byelection
081008 St. James High School Guelph election debate
081007 Mercucy-Rogers Guelph election debate #1/2    Part 2/2
Amber Lea Nursing Home Guelph election accordion concert
Guelph U. Grad Students debate
Guelph CVI highschool debate exclusion
Guelph University election debate
Guelph University byelection debate
Social Justice Guelph byelection debate
080825 Guelph police oust King of the Fringe from Rogers debate

080522 Abolish Marijuana Prohibition #1/4.;/ by King of the Paupers   Part #2/4    Part #3/4    Part #4/4
Canadian court challenges to abolish marijuana prohibition ...
080229 turmel01-3 King of the Paupers #1/3  Part 2/3   Part 3/3
Presentation to Usury-Free Week at Brantford on Nov 17 2007

071005 Youtube clips by Chris & Chad Csomor Excerpt #1  Excerpt #2  Excerpt #3  Excerpt #4  Excerpt #5  Excerpt #6 Huey Long Every Man a King    Excerpt #7  Excerpt #8  Excerpt #9

2002 John Turmel Millennium Declaration CBC Suhana Meharchant
2001 Montreal Million Man Marijuana March TV Nouvelles
2001 CBC Darrell McIntyre story on first election of new millennium pushing UNC6
2000 CHRO Judy Trinh UN C6 and election #52
1997 TVOntario Studio 2 documentary on Ottawa Municipal Election #44
1994 Toronto Million Man Marijuana March first "Ode to Laughing Grass"
1993 CHUM MuchMusic "Talk me to your Leaders" Turmel for Prime Minister interview with Randy Bachman  
1984 CBC "Peter's People" Lockyear about early Turmel Bank of Canada battles
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