Must Shake Hands and Hug Again to Break Spell of Fauci-WHO

False Alarm
I'll shake yours if you'll shake mine. Time to hug again.

                                                             FLU       C19
C.F.R. (Apple) Case Fatality Rate         10%       3.4%
I.F.R. (Orange) Infection Fatality Rate    .1%        ??

When Fauci said Corona death rate "thirty times the Flu,"
Would you've hit panic button sounding the alarm bell too?
Had Fauci told the truth, it's really only third as bad,
Would you've hit panic button sounding the alarm so sad?

Can't blame the Chief Executives for sounding the alarm,
It's not their job to check if expert models do more harm.
But a Chief Engineer must check the model blueprint out,
To find out Fauci fudged the metrics."False alarm!" to shout.

The Case Fatality Rate (CFR) who die of Flu,
Is "10%" in hospitals, a tenth don't make it through.
While (IFR) Infection Rate Fatality of all
Is 10th of 1% , Point One, a Thousandth, very small. 

When WHO said Covid CFR was 3.4%,
One-third the 10% of Flu, Good News was heaven sent.
But Fauci Apple-Oranged 3.4 to Flu's Point One
Fear Factor amplified a hundredfold when  scam begun.

The Gateway Pundit "apples not to apples" first complain,
I checked and found an Apple to an Orange was the stain.
How will a world of scientists admit to being fooled,
By ruse most elementary we thought them very schooled?

March 24, the CDC changed Cause of Death to do,
So Death WITH Covid, not FROM Covid, is the guideline new.
Subtracting murders, suicides, and accidents from count,
Shows only six percent of stated deaths is true amount!

The CDC said half transmitters had no symptoms seen,
Not knowing who's a threat, the answer is to quarantine.
Social distance remedied the never knowing who,
Would be infectious, even though they would be very few.

On April 2, WHO said that "after long time searching spent,
Asymptomatic is transmission we can't document."
10 million tested in Wuhan proved CDC was wrong,
Found ZERO symptomless transmitters passing it along.

Again June 8 WHO said it won't transmit without a sneeze,
Like Flu, no symptoms is no danger. Coping's now a breeze.
It's easier into a scam the simpletons to coax,
Than to convince them that they have been taken by a hoax.
It feels like we escaped a plague that came so very near.
A panic justifiable; now hard to break the fear.
Admit it's "not so bad" to end imaginary Hell,
We must shake hands and hug again to break demonic spell.


"We made a big mistake" said Dr. Bridle in alarm,
"We didn't know the spike could travel, heart and brain to harm."
When spike attaches in an artery, we find the flow,
Impaired enough to have the blood clots start around to grow.

Clots start in capillaries so you'll not yet feel the threat.
As pumping blood gets harder, watch as bigger clots you'll get.

With capillaries clogged by clots from spikes, it may be said,
If you and kids took jab, your clots now make you Walking Dead,
Though Trudeau said the shots were safe, effective, not to fear,
He'll even pay your funeral expenses, what a dear!

Would you have taken jab if Crown Ben Wong had Trudeau told,
Covid Mortality was over hyped by hundredfold?
Would you have taken jab if Justice Crampton had us told,
That Apple Orange were compared to hype by hundredfold

Would you have taken clot shot if Judge Aylen said: Behold
The CFR to IFR's too small by hundredfold
Would you have taken jab if Justice Zinn had us all told,
Comparing Apple Orange hyped the threat by hundredfold.

Would you have taken jab if Randy Hillier had you told...
Would you have taken clot shot if Max Bernier had you told...
Would you have taken jab if Julie Ponesse had told...
Would you have taken jab if MPPs had us all told...

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Delay to cancel Fauci False Alarm is costing lives! 
The nation quickest back to normal's nation that survives.